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Learn about single sign-on, new product updates and more.  Share these 90 second videos with anyone on your team to help explain what ClassLink is and how it works.

ClassLink Blog

The ClassLink Blog is a resource for educators. Read our blog to get updates about the latest trends in technology and education, and get advice on how to better integrate technology into the classroom.

Case Studies

Hundreds of schools are happily using ClassLink. Read our case studies and learn how other districts are using ClassLink to deliver access to online resources, web apps, and more.


BYOD Central

Schools everywhere are letting students bring their own devices into class. This Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach is transforming the way schools incorporate technology into their curriculum. To help you maximize the benefits of BYOD, ClassLink has free resources available. Check out our BYOD guidebook, templates, and sample policy statements from schools succeeding with BYOD.