ClassLink Academy: October 2023

October 16, 2023
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As the leaves fall from the trees this season, it’s the perfect time for you to fall into some spectacular courses in ClassLink Academy! 🍂 Check out our Scope Your Google Directory and Identity and Access Management (IAM) courses to brush up on your safety skills just in time for Cybersecurity Month. Plus, it’s never too late to become a Certified Cybersecurity Rubric Evaluator. Get comfortable and enjoy a nice cozy mug of what’s happening at ClassLink Academy! ☕

Elevate Your Cyber Readiness

Get the information you need to safeguard your school's confidential data with ClassLink’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) courses. Designed to cater to both adults and teenagers, these courses are concise and can be completed in 20 minutes or less!

Explore a spectrum of topics, ranging from the basics of online security to expert strategies for sidestepping online scams and phishing attacks! Additionally, Scope Your Google Directory equips administrators with tools to secure school public directories. Log in to ClassLink Academy and transform into a cybersecurity superstar today!

Become Certifiably Awesome

It’s not too late to join the ranks and become a Certified Cybersecurity Rubric Evaluator (CCRE).  
When you become a CCRE, you gain the skills necessary to evaluate your school’s cybersecurity readiness and support the review process for other schools.

Simply head on over to ClassLink Academy and add the “Become a Certified Cybersecurity Rubric Evaluator (CCRE) course from the catalog to get started. Plus, we’re offering a limited-time code to earn your certification for free! The code is CCRE4CLADMINS and is valid until December 31, 2023.

Not ready to become certified? Check out the free “Learn How to Use The Cybersecurity Rubric” course.

Scope Your Directory

Want to protect your school from directory scraping? ClassLink Academy has the perfect course for you! Introducing Scope Your Google Directory, a course available to administrators that instructs how to protect your school’s sensitive information.

Directory scraping has become a rising cybersecurity threat for schools. Malicious individuals extract sensitive information, such as names and addresses, from public directories. This data is then used in data breaches, phishing attacks, and other forms of personal information misuse.

But fear not. Directory scoping stops data scraping in its tracks by limiting the exposure of your school’s sensitive data. In the Scope Your Directory course, administrators can learn how to protect public directories through scope restrictions, custom attributes, and more!

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