ClassLink Keeps Your Data Secure

ClassLink is committed to keeping your private information protected and secure. From our Privacy page, which offers full transparency about our policies and compliance, to our Status page, where you can find real-time status updates for our products, ClassLink keeps you informed about the data we maintain and how we work to keep your information secure.

Keep Your Private Information Private

We strive to maintain transparency and provide our customers with easy access to our latest security certifications, system-wide status updates for our products, and valuable insights through our portals. Learn more about how we work to keep your information secure below.

Secure PII

Safeguarding Your PII

ClassLink ensures that your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is secure and well-protected by implementing multiple security protocols. Data Encryption, Data Isolation, and Penetration Testing are just a few ways that ClassLink protects the data of our customers and staff.

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ClassLink privacy policies

Ensuring Your Data Stays Protected

The policies that guide ClassLink’s privacy statement are publicly available to everyone. Refer to our privacy page for more information on data protection, ownership, and more. ClassLink’s stance on personal data is recognized by both national and international organizations such as the GDPR.

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ClassLink status indicator

Always Transparent About Uptime

The current status of ClassLink products is always available to the public. As part of our commitment to transparency we post status notifications when necessary. You can also subscribe to receive immediate notifications whenever an issue is resolved or updated.

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Keep Your School Community Informed

ClassLink's Parent and Public portals keep your school community informed. The Public Portal provides information about privacy policies and terms of service for district-approved edtech tools, while the Parent Portal keeps parents and guardians updated on student attendance, grades, and lunch accounts.

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