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Create an environment where education and technology work together so learning can flourish. From access and analytics to cybersecurity and identity management, ClassLink’s affordable and reliable solutions help you use technology in ways that promote and support learning. See why over 2,800 school systems love learning with ClassLink.

ClassLink Solutions
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Identity & Access Management

Manage accounts and deliver rosters with greater security, accuracy, and speed than you ever thought possible—with ClassLink’s advanced Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite. Roster Server and OneSync work together to automate and simplify rostering and account provisioning. The result is everyone has secure, personalized access starting on day one.

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Learning Analytics

Complete your understanding of digital engagement for all students, instructors, and staff within your school system. Use analytics to better understand everything from equitable access and engagement to the return on your investments and staff professional development needs. ClassLink Analytics and Analytics+ present this data from the district level, down to the individual student, to help you make informed purchasing decisions and better support learning.

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Cybersecurity & MFA

Keep digital identities secure without complicating access to learning. ClassLink provides secure authentication options, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), that protect and verify accounts while still helping even your youngest students quickly access learning resources. Plus, our security protocols and privacy policy help keep your data private and protected.

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Secure Single Sign-On

Strengthen data security while you improve access to digital apps and resources with LaunchPad, a single sign-on (SSO) solution built for education. LaunchPad provides quick SSO access to a personalized portal of digital apps and resources while protecting sensitive data with secure Multi-Factor Authentication. Whether students are learning at school or remote, LaunchPad delivers secure access to all your digital resources across your institution.

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Transparency & Trust

Create family and community connections with ClassLink’s Portals. Use our Public Portal to help meet state legislation requirements and create transparency by sharing the third-party vendors approved for use in your schools. Then, help parents and families manage school life with quick access to frequently-used resources through our Parent Portal.

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ClassLink's Library of Products

Love learning again with our award-winning suite of products, designed with all learners in mind.

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Single sign-on for education

Over 6,000 SSO connections

Personalize learning for each class

Access files from any device

Connect with community portals

ClassLink Analytics Symbol


Understand and share edtech usage data

Measure equitable access

Better understand student engagement

Track return on investment

Add Analytics+ for school devices

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Securely provision accounts

Integrate with any SIS

Automate identity management

Reconcile accounts quickly

Fully control your configuration

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Roster Server

Roster using open data standards

Share roster data securely

Create powerful data sharing rules

Work in a private rostering instance

Add DataGuard to protect PII

Single Sign-On Into Thousands of Apps

ClassLink connects to more than 6,000 digital learning resources, and we’re always adding more.

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