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Imagine a world where every school in your state has equitable access, app usage insights, and effortless cost management, all while safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Sound too good to be true? With ClassLink, it's a reality.

Beyond Single Sign-On (SSO) access, ClassLink offers streamlined rostering, actionable analytics, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) without additional expenses. Join over 21 million users worldwide who trust ClassLink as the premier Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution.

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Featured Implementation
North Dakota

Before ClassLink, North Dakota's 116,000+ learners lacked digital resource access, and educational leaders needed analytics for spending optimization. Now, every student in the state is empowered to succeed through a statewide user management solution with ClassLink. From rural classrooms to urban hubs, ClassLink helped North Dakota educators love learning again.

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Additional Implementations


Never Stop Learning

Delaware empowers its 140,000+ K-12 students with high-quality resources and individualized learning—setting every student up for future success.


Small State, Big Needs

The Delaware Department of Education lacked a way to roster and deliver state-managed online resources to its educators and students. In response, the Delaware DoE called for proposals seeking edtech solutions to this problem—that's where ClassLink comes in.


Learning Upgraded

ClassLink replaced the Delaware DoE's online portal for rostering and delivering state-managed online resources. This upgrade built equitable access to digital resources and usage analytics. Initially for staff only, this portal was expanded to include all students, giving all districts equal access to usage analytics.


Learning on My Mind

Georgia offers a single portal of well-organized online resources to cater to the learning needs of over 1.7 million students statewide.


Wrangling Resources

The Georgia Department of Education lacked an efficient system to organize and coordinate online resources for its extensive network of school districts and the central Department of Education. They also struggled to consolidate existing portals securely.


Streamlined Access

ClassLink played a vital role in helping the Georgia DoE manage and roster online resources securely and efficiently—providing a unified portal, which successfully consolidated their digital learning resources. As a result, school districts statewide have benefited from streamlined access and management of educational materials.


Ensuring Equity

Iowa’s Area Education Agencies (AEAs) work together to ensure all Iowa learners have equal opportunities and access to educational resources.


Underutilized Resources

Iowa learners lacked equal access to learning without a central location for digital resources. As a result, Iowa's AEAs needed one place to host their digital library resources for K-12 students.


Central Access for All

ClassLink LaunchPad was the perfect solution for Iowa’s AEAs. Now with the AEA Portal, powered by ClassLink, this resource gives teachers and students across the state consistent single sign-on access to critical digital resources.

Implement Statewide Resources in Record Time

Take statewide adoptions even further with StateLink, a centralized hub for delivering state resources directly to schools.

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