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At CLON 2023, learn to use ClassLink in ways that bring education and technology together so everyone in your school system can love learning. Join your favorite ClassLink staff and district leaders as they share how schools use ClassLink to overcome technology struggles—giving them more time to focus on using edtech to grow and thrive.

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The Agenda

Sessions You'll Love

Join us for two days of inspiring speakers, information-packed sessions, and exciting training opportunities. Explore our curated agenda filled with sessions from leaders like you! With multiple tracks to choose from, our agenda is designed to spark a love for learning across your school system.


Welcome to Day One of CLON! Featuring Keynote Kai Kight

Join ClassLink’s CEO, Berj Akian, as he welcomes you to an action-packed first day of CLON ’23! Berj will kick off the event before passing the mic to our inspiring keynote—Kai Kight, a classical violinist turned composer helping people find harmony in their everyday life. So spark a love for learning with technology, connect with leaders like you, and get hyped for CLON ‘23.


10 Easy Steps to Increasing ClassLink Usage Among Students and Educators

Wish you had higher ClassLink usage among your students and educators? Join this session to learn some easy steps ClassLink Admins can take to improve adoption across your school system.


What Would Jeff Ask? - Incident Response

How a vendor responds to a potential security incident is very important, and there are many steps associated with successful incident resolution. The next installment in the "What Would Jeff Ask?" series explores the steps associated with Incident Response including questions that vendors should be asked.


Analytics: The Hidden Gem

Are you a ClassLink Admin? Do you use Analytics to share data with your district? If the answer is no, this is the session for you—it’s quick, it’s concise and it’s led by one of your own! Join Rachel Holloway, Technology Integration Coordinator and ClassLink Admin from Fort Mill Schools Four (SC), and Jessica Kolibas from ClassLink as they share best practices to engage other departments in your district in the ClassLink experience. Learn about quick reports, how to include other teams and departments, and more.


ClassLink Security Features

School security can be a costly and time intensive task. Here at ClassLink, security is a top priority. We hold no less than 10 certifications/distinctions related to security. Although ClassLink alone can’t solve all your security challenges, join us to learn how ClassLink can support the security initiatives in your district.


Providing Transparency With Public Portal

Are you being asked to provide your learning community with a comprehensive list of your online partnerships? Not sure where to start? Join us as we dig into the Public Portal, a place where your school system can easily share the web applications available to your students and staff with parents and more.


Roster Server Rules: Creating Effective Rule-Based Permissions

Together we'll run through how to handle common scenarios you might run into inside Roster Server using rule-based permissions. Featuring our new start and end date settings, and everything from sending users without enrollments and limiting organizations based on dependencies, you won't want to miss this look into Roster Server!


Let's Talk About CSV Destinations

The CSV destination is a powerful tool that allows you to use OneSync data to create an export text file customized to your district’s needs! In this session, you’ll learn how to set up a CSV destination, how to navigate its features, and the best practices for using CSV destinations.


There’s An App for That: Tips & Tricks for Managing Certified Applications

Do you have the applications you need? In this session you’ll learn best practices for requesting new vendor applications and assigning certified applications from the ClassLink Global Library. Together we’ll explore what’s considered a certified application, the benefits of assigning certified applications from the Global Library, and share a template for contacting your prospective vendors.


Vestavia Hills City Schools: Our ClassLink Journey

Learn how Vestavia Hills City Schools is leading the way for other districts through their partnership with ClassLink as they come closer to their district vision: Learning Without Limits.


Get In-Sync: Understanding Data Flow in the Roster Server

This session will provide an overview of how data is shared from your district's student information system (SIS) to the Roster Server. We will discuss how preprocessor and manual records changes/additions are added to our system and sent to vendors. Participants will learn how to troubleshoot mismatched data and ensure their data flow is as robust and accurate as it can be! And, yes, there will be NSYNC puns throughout.


Getting the Most From ClassLink Analytics+

Sessions, launches, apps, and app groupings—oh my! Learn how to make the most out of the data in  Analytics+ to support students in effectively using digital resources. In this session, we’ll dig into how ClassLink Analytics+ helps you measure student engagement with apps and domains across schools, grade levels, and more.


Hidden in Plain Site

Hidden in Plain Site is a learning experience that can be scaled to school districts across the country. Find out how this team researched the history of Richmond, Virginia and brought it to life through virtual reality! In this session you’ll learn how our presenters intersect curriculum, technology, and equity by telling the story of the Black experience throughout history.


You Asked For It & You Got It!: Exploring New Beta Console Modules

In this session, we’ll be reviewing the new beta console modules in the LaunchPad CMC. You’ll want to stick around as we introduce long-awaited (and often-requested) granular permissions modules and more!


Crash Course: Google Workspace IDP

Join this session for a walkthrough of setting up ClassLink as the Google IDP for your organization as well as using the SSO Profiles.


Exploring Your ClassLink Community

Where can you collaborate with other CL Admins, get inspired, and share best practices? Your NEW ClassLink Community! We've created a digital space for CL Admins to stay in the know about events, activities, and programs and— best of all—connect with one another. Join this session for a look at your ClassLink Community and to learn how you can become part of our growing online family!


How to Get the Most Out of OneSync

ClassLink’s OneSync Server is a powerful tool that can be used for multiple purposes. In this session, we’ll discuss how we can use OneSync to combine multiple sources for account provisioning, or sending data in CSV format to various systems.


LinkedUp Podcast: The Themes, the Trends, and the Treasured Learning

In celebration of LinkedUp: Breaking Boundaries in Education reaching 100 episodes, Jamie and Jerri will reflect on the education trends that have emerged and recommend some of our favorite episodes to you! You’ll want to stick around as the dynamic duo share other educational opportunities from ClassLink, too.


Breaking the Rules With ClassLink Roster Server

Roster Server can be used to manipulate data and bend the rules to achieve your desired results. In this session, join Tajdar (ClassLink) as he showcases how to customize various data points using multiple sources, pre-processor, Custom Exports, Generic App Features, and other tools to get the most out of Roster Server. Learn how to “go rogue” and bend the rules in this session perfect for data lovers.


ClassLink Academy CEUs and Credentialed Badges

Join us as we explore the CEUs and badges offered in ClassLink Academy! In this session we’ll cover the different anthologies for admins and instructors, share information on available reporting options, and stress the importance of pushing the CL App out to instructors, too.


Data-Informed Decision Making: Where We Are and Our Future Roadmap

In the School District of Pickens County (SDPC), instructional and technology services collaborate to gather data to inform decision making while supporting school leaders and teachers. Join us as we explore the ways we use ClassLink Analytics and Analytics+ and our own custom dashboards, share our pain points around data collection and interpretation, and plan for the future!


Rebranding Your ClassLink Experience

Learn how to create unique login pages and custom branded apps to make LaunchPad look and feel familiar to everyone in your school system.


Day Two of CLON! Announcing DataGuard and Advanced Identity & Access Management

We’re kicking off day two with two major announcements! Join ClassLink CTO Stan Watts and CEO Berj Akian—with special guest Adam Phyall—as they share ClassLink’s roadmap for 2023 and beyond. We’ll reveal DataGuard, a new tool that will strengthen cybersecurity and data privacy initiatives. Plus, don’t miss the enhanced functionality we are adding to our Identity and Access Management suite.


Just What You’re Looking For: The Magic of Custom Exports

Ready to learn more about custom exports and what they can do for you? Join this session to explore the features customs exports have to offer, learn how to build them, and discover how they’ve helped other school districts like yours.


The Cybersecurity Framework and Certified Evaluator Program Designed for Education

Cybersecurity is a top priority for EdTech leaders—the entire K-12 ecosystem needs more confidence in their cybersecurity practice! What if we could uplift cybersecurity practices of school districts and clarify what they need to do? Imagine if we could tap into a cybersecurity coalition represented by the best education focused organizations to help build training and leadership capacity?

Find out about the new cybersecurity assessment rubric for education, designed to gauge schools’ maturity level measured against the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. Then, learn how to use the results from the assessment to lay out a strategy to improve and be first to learn about the new Certified Cybersecurity Rubric Evaluator (CCRE) program and the innovative training resources that are available from ClassLink.


What's New With LaunchPad and Roster Server

We've added new features and improvements to our LaunchPad and Roster Server! Check in with our experts to see what's new and get a sneak peek of what's to come from ClassLink.


The Great Digital Design Challenge: Engaging With GCISD Students in ClassLink

For the past two years, GCISD has invited middle and high school students to participate in the ClassLink Digital Design Challenge. GCISD's digital learning team will share their process, criteria, guidelines for submission, and other resources you can use to provide this opportunity to your students.


You've Hit Thresholds in Roster Server... Now What?

When your Roster Server hits thresholds on your SIS import, everything stops until you review the errors and decide to override (or not). In this session, we'll review what thresholds are, how to adjust them, and how to complete a data review, leaving you with a better understanding of your Roster Server decisions.


Building Your Data Story

Data analytics can help a school system with everything from personalizing students’ learning paths to identifying and managing its portfolio of digital resources. In this session, we’ll explore how to utilize ClassLink Analytics to ensure you’re benefitting from all the data available to you—equipping you with the tools you need to present your district’s data story to superintendents and advocate for your school's needs.


Put Accessibility First: Creating Accessible Slideshows

Join our Learning Design experts as we outline accessibility tips and tricks you can follow to ensure your next slideshow is ADA Compliant and accessible to everyone.


Quick Tips for LaunchPad Success

Join this session and discover quick tips for success within LaunchPad! We’ll review admin best practices to keep end users up-to-date, clutter-free, and able to access their resources with ease.


Unwrapping the Past of Account Management

Current directory systems have been inherited (or have existed since the dawn of time) and are managed through what feels like a complex set of wizardry. In this session, we’ll cover how to look deeper into these systems to determine the “how’s” and the “why’s,” and learn how OneSync can clear up this mystery.


Communication That Captures & Wows

Collaborate with ClassLink's Learning Design team to make magic happen (and lighten your load) when it comes to creating documentation. Join this session to explore tips, tricks, and best practices for creating written tutorials that are inviting, effective, and ADA compliant. We will explore how to apply effective learning theories when creating Quick Start Guides, Job Aids, and more!


Managing the App Avalanche: One District's Journey

How many apps did you add during the pandemic? Today, districts are struggling to sift through their apps to ensure they’re secure, follow privacy guidelines, are aligned with curriculum objectives, are being used, and are worth the cost. Mountain Brook Schools has gone beyond reviewing all their current apps, also gathering information to drive purchasing decisions and increase transparency with parents. Join us as we walk through the steps of this project, discuss the challenges and success, and highlight the desired outcomes.


Summer Planning Starts Now!

Avoid getting overwhelmed by your summer to-do list. Let ClassLink help! Join us for tips and tricks to get you organized and ready for the busy back-to-school season. We'll highlight strategies to help students, teachers, and administrators succeed and wrap up with a simple to-do list so you're ready to go.


Understanding Thresholds in OneSync

With the newest version of OneSync, thresholds can be configured and reached on both the source and destination. In this session, we’ll discuss how to configure, review, and override thresholds, plus the systems notifications that go along with them. We’ll also cover the benefits of one of our newest features: limited imports.


Making the Most Out of SSOs

Imagine no more usernames to remember and no more passwords to forget. Federated SSO is one of the many options available today that bring us closer to that reality. Join this session to learn about the different types of SSO and how to get started.


The Good, The Bad, & The Underutilized: Exploring OneSync's Features

There are lots of features in OneSync—including ones you probably don’t use! In this session we’ll cover new features in OneSync as well as ones that are being underutilized by others just like you. You'll learn how these features work and when you might want to use them.


Using Analytics To Increase Equity, Inclusion, and Student Performance

Developing an open and collaborative organizational environment that provides a safe forum for ideas is difficult to create. In this session, learn how to overcome the reluctance around fixing “What’s not broken,” and use data-driven analytics to increase objectivity when reviewing instructional trends and student performance.


What's New at ClassLink?

Join Salena and Amy in this fun session that covers all sorts of ways to access new information and product details here at ClassLink. The stars of ClassLink’s What’s New Series will show you how to access the video series, stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest ClassLink news, and offer audience interaction for ideas on how we can continue to support you and your school!


Close Out CLON ‘23With Awards & Celebration!

It’s party time! Help us close out two incredible days at CLON. Cheer for our award winners as we celebrate individuals and teams making exceptional contributions in their schools.

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Sneak Peek

Hear from big thinkers and in-the-field education leaders ready to share their ideas, experiences, and advice! You’ll also hear from your favorite ClassLink superstars like Berj Akian, Kate Anastario, Jerri Kemble, and many others.

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Keynote Speaker

Kai Kight

Violinist, Composer, & Speaker

Classical violinist turned composer, Kai Kight, uses music as a metaphor to inspire individuals across the world to compose paths of imagination. Kai’s superpower is helping people find harmony in everyday life through leadership and learning.

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