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Nebraska Schools Save Time and Money with Single Sign-On

May 14, 2019
Join this webinar to learn how Nebraska schools can save time and money with single sign-on, analytics, rostering, and account provisioning tools. You’ll see a demonstration of ClassLink, a platform that empowers students and teachers with instant access to 6,000+ single sign-on apps and files at school and on Google, Office 365, and Dropbox cloud drives.

Connecting ROI to Digital Learning

April 29, 2019
District Administration hosted a webinar with Liza Klumpar, CTO of Franklin Pierce Schools (WA) and Jamie Lewsadder, CTO of La Cañada (CA), for a discussion on the impact of access and analytics in education.

Single Sign-On and Rostering Featuring PA Districts

March 28, 2019
Watch this webinar to hear from Kristen Landis, Ph.D., Director of Technology at North Penn School District and Dwight Bard, Director of Technology at Greencastle-Antrim School District as they the share their experiences managing a robust single sign-on and rostering platform.

Account Provisioning is Getting Faster, Easier and Simply Better

January 17, 2019
Abe Koshy, Network Manager at East Maine SD 63 (IL) joins the ClassLink team to share his experience with OneSync, ClassLink’s next-generation account provisioning platform.

One Superintendent, Three New York School Districts

December 12, 2018
Dr. Richard Hughes, Superintendent at Frontier Central School District, joins Bob Chappell, VP of Instructional Technology at ClassLink, to share his experience with bringing a single sign-on and rostering solution to three New York school districts.

Users Share The Impact of SSO and Rostering

November 15, 2018
Mineral Wells ISD joins Colleen Hess-Dunn, VP of Instructional Technology at ClassLink, to share their experience with Single Sign-On and discuss how open data standards improve the rostering process.

The Impact of Access and Analytics in Higher Education

September 20, 2018
Chad Marley, Chief Technology Officer at Laramie County Community College, and Mark Anderson, Executive Director of IT at Dunwoody College of Technology, share the importance of Single Sign-On and Analytics in higher education.

Single Sign-On and Rostering Solutions with Greeneville City Schools

August 27, 2018
Larry Jones, IT Network Administrator at Greeneville City Schools, joins Megan Uotila, Director of Instructional Technology at ClassLink, to share his experience using Single Sign-On and Rostering solutions.

ClassLink Webinar: What’s New with Roster Server

July 12, 2018
Stan Watts and Kate Anastario demonstrate the latest updates to Roster Server. Watch the webinar to learn more.

ClassLink Webinar: What’s New for Next School Year

June 21, 2018
With the school year winding down and/or in the record books, it’s time to get ready for next year. Watch the webinar for a fast-paced update and demonstration of what we’re doing to make your next back to school season better than ever.

Simplify Digital Access in K-12: Learn How District Leaders Eliminate Barriers

May 17, 2018
Watch the webinar to learn how district leaders from the School District of Pickens County are reducing barriers to access.

Making Interoperability Happen: How Open Tech Standards are Changing the Way This (FL) District Operates

March 29, 2018
Watch this webinar to learn as fellow technology leaders from Pasco County Schools (FL) share their best practices and reasons for rolling out comprehensive single sign-on and rostering solutions in their district.

Eliminating Barriers to Access: Single Sign-On Lessons Learned from a Small (MA) District with a Big Voice

February 23, 2018
Learn how Andover Public Schools (MA) have eliminated barriers to digital resource access with a Single Sign-On solution (SSO). See how an SSO solution that incorporates usage analytics and rostering can not only help solve issues of access, but can address the time-consuming task of uploading student data files to each vendor. Find out what resources are truly being used and get inspired to implement a solution in your district.

How Single Sign-On and Open Data Standards Help Fairfield Public Schools (CT)

November 28, 2017
Chris Brand, the Application Integration Specialist at Fairfield Public Schools (CT), joins Bob Chappell, VP of Instructional Technology at ClassLink, to share his experience with Single Sign-On and discuss how open data standards improve the rostering process.

Leadership Webinar: K-12 Interoperability – Tech Directors Discuss What’s Needed

October 2, 2017
Learn from fellow Tech Directors as they discuss what’s needed to advance Interoperability for K-12. Get an overview of existing data standards and how to effectively communicate with vendors.

Single Sign-on: A Vital Piece to the Instructional Technology Puzzle

May 17, 2017
Single sign-on should be a valuable addition to every district’s technology offerings. Gaining access to instructional resources without spending time logging-in is vital when incorporating a wide range of digital content into curricular workflow.

Empower Teaching and Learning with Technology by Making it Effortless

May 11, 2017
Using Single Sign-On to eliminate login frustration is among the fastest growing trends in education technology today. This impacts curriculum and technology leaders alike as they seek ways to improve access for all. Join District Director of Technology, Greg Limperis and Network Manager, Dave Hansberry, as they share leadership insights.

Single Sign-On: The Cure for Login Headaches

April 26, 2017
Using Single Sign-On to eliminate login frustration is among the fastest growing trends in education technology today. This impacts curriculum and technology leaders alike as they seek ways to improve access for all. Join District Director of Technology Integrations, Chris Nilsson, as he shares leadership insights.

Can Single Sign-On Really Work With Diverse Technology Systems? – Tech Director Shares Her Story.

March 22, 2017
Copenhagen teachers and students enjoy fast, secure, and equitable technology access for all on the devices they prefer. With Chromebooks, iPads, and BYOD technologies all in play, the district had to find a way to make everything work, for every teacher and student, on any device.

Is OneClick Access to Digital Learning a Myth? – What One Tech Director Learned

March 20, 2017
Lower Dauphin teachers and students enjoy fast, secure, and equitable technology access for all. In order to make the most of their rapidly advancing use of digital learning, they needed OneClick access

School Boards: Speak Their Language and Win Support

June 17, 2016
Tired of hearing ‘no’ from school board members? Successful education technology initiatives require leadership buy-in. Having a supportive school board can make all the difference.

Case Studies for Success: How Open Tech Standards Get “IT” Done

March 17, 2016
This Learning Impact Webinar, hosted by IMS Global, will present case studies from three districts that have demonstrated how interoperability is helping schools get “IT” done.

All New My Files is Faster, Easier Than Ever

March 9, 2016
Learn about the all new MyFiles from ClassLink, your award-winning platform for accessing, managing, and sharing files across any device or network. This webinar will walk you through the new and improved design as well as enhancements to editing, file sharing, and new suite of tools designed to make life easier for everyone.

OneRoster and How they help your classrooms

October 1, 2015
To move from textbooks to online resources, schools need to deliver class rosters to all the digital learning websites used in classrooms. The new ClassLink OneRoster uses open technology standards to securely, instantly and freely make that possible.

New Updates to the ClassLink Management Console

June 16, 2015
The new console features a responsive interface and a new look & feel, with new features for all tenant administrators to enjoy. In this webinar, we go over the new features built into the updated ClassLink Management Console, and more.

Accessing Network Drives on Chromebooks

June 12, 2015
To meet their growing technology demands, more districts are turning to low-cost Chromebooks. Though these initiatives deliver more devices to more students, Chromebooks lack features districts rely on, such as the ability to access drives on the school network. In this webinar, we’ll show you how ClassLink, lets Chromebooks access your network drives, and more, with just 30 minutes from set up to deployment.

Blended Learning in Higher Education: The Best of Both Worlds

May 15, 2015
When colleges and universities blend online courses with face-to-face instruction, can students get the “best of both worlds”? According to the latest studies, blended courses not only improve learning outcomes, but can raise student satisfaction and reduce meeting times. In this webinar, we speak to two educators about their experiences with blended learning in higher education.

The Secret to a Successful BYOD Initiative

April 30, 2015
Schools everywhere are adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies as a cost-effective way to get more technology to more students. But while this policy can dramatically improve learning outcomes, educators implementing BYOD face obstacles. In this webinar, we discuss how districts can design a BYOD policy to reap the benefits while avoiding pitfalls.

Access Your School Network from Any Device in Just 30 Minutes

December 19, 2014
When students bring work home, can you really rely on easily misplaced flash drives to move files between home and school? What if you could put school network drives online and let students work on them from anywhere, on any device? In this webinar, we’ll show you how LaunchPad does this and more, with just 30 minutes from set up to deployment.

Single Sign-On through Active Directory

August 20, 2014
How many websites does your staff and students sign into each day? What if you can simplify it to only one? As more and more apps move to the cloud, simplifying all these new logins through Single Sign-On becomes more essential.

Secure Web Access to your School Network Drives

August 13, 2014
Today everyone expects 24 hour access to everything – and that includes school network drives. School districts invest much into these network drives and accessing them after school is often not an option. Now with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs growing in popularity, people need ‘anytime and anywhere access’ to school network drives from any device inside or outside of school.

Single Sign-On with ClassLink LaunchPad

June 18, 2014
How are your students and teachers managing the avalanche of logins and passwords they need to use every day? Teachers are constantly discovering great resources to improve learning, yet each new website introduces another login hurdle for students and staff. See how LaunchPad, your personal cloud delivers SSO to virtually any web resource, network or cloud file.

500 Securely Simple Single Sign-Ons

April 16, 2014
This breakthrough in SSOs, known as Autologins, securely simplifies the endless burden of logins for over 500 different applications. Created as a simpler way for educators and students to access their applications; these 500 Autologins represent the most used education apps in schools including many favorites such as Edmodo, BrainPOP, Moodle, and Study Island.

BYOD…Your New 1to1 Reality

March 20, 2014
With so many new and low cost devices available and BYOD more common… 1to1 will become a reality for many classrooms. However, this new reality includes a mix of different devices like never before. How can educators take on a classroom that has a mix of laptops, tablets and possibly even smartphones?

Chromebooks: What school leaders need to know

March 6, 2014
Why are Chromebooks becoming the go-to choice for classroom technology? With so many device choices today, school leaders are asking which device is the best value and maximum instructional flexibility. This Leadership Webinar will focus on Chromebooks and answer your questions about these exciting new devices. Attend this webinar and you will learn why Chromebooks are likely to be in your future.

Using E-Rate for Cloud Computing 2014

February 12, 2014
E-Rate has been the topic of many recent news articles and the good news is it’s fully funded and expected to grow. As schools move to the cloud for instructional technology, understanding how E-Rate can help fund those projects becomes increasingly important. Upcoming program changes to E-Rate being considered will prioritize greater internet bandwidth for all schools.

Virtual Visit: Technology Improving Learning… See a classroom that ‘gets it’

January 24, 2014
Every teacher knows that including technology in the classroom should have benefits. The challenge is how? With so many simpler and lower cost devices available (iPads & Chromebooks), many classrooms have plenty of technology these days. But using it all to improve learning is still so elusive. Until now.

Google… More than just ‘Docs’ for the classroom

November 7, 2013
Schools are “Going Google” in greater numbers each year. With free apps and education-friendly features, it makes good sense. And yet, all too often schools stop short of reaching their full potential with Google. There’s more to Google than Docs, and Andreas Johansson, Technology Director at Kenston SD, will show how.

Too many passwords? Simplify your school life with Single Sign On

October 30, 2013
Today’s teachers, students, and parents have never been more connected, which means managing our digital education has never been more complicated.

iPads: Learn from experts on using them for classroom success

October 10, 2013
Learn how experienced educators are successfully using iPads in the classroom.

iPads, Chromebooks & ClassLink LaunchPad

August 15, 2013
The use of iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom has increased dramatically and the trend is expected to continue. However, schools face real challenges with them. From a tech perspective, these devices do not play well with traditional network resources like network folders and Windows apps. With a growing interest in Mobile and BYOD initiatives, these are real issues.