One Login, Endless Possibilities

Designed by educators who understand the power of quick access to digital learning, ClassLink’s SSO solution makes learning feel like magic. With ClassLink’s LaunchPad, one password unlocks a personalized portal filled with the apps and resources needed for a successful school day. Students, educators, staff, and even families can access a library of over 6,000 integrated digital resources or add their own links to web apps.

More Time Learning, Less Time Logging In

Streamline digital learning with a dependable and secure single sign-on solution. ClassLink’s SSO solution brings digital learning resources into a centralized hub, enabling seamless access from any location and device using cutting-edge security measures.

Secure Authentication

Choose from common authentication methods, including Google, Entra ID (formerly Azure), and Active Directory (AD), to provision staff, teachers, and students into ClassLink LaunchPad. ClassLink uses 256-bit encryption to protect classified data like Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and syncs regularly to ensure login credentials are secure and up-to-date.

SSO - Secure authentication
SSO - Adding apps to LaunchPad

Add Apps in a Snap

Dream big—any digital resource can become a LaunchPad app. In addition to hundreds of federated SSO apps, ClassLink offers password lockers where non-federated resources can function like an SSO resource. Adding apps is simple, secure, and stress-free.

Customize App Access

Create unique LaunchPad experiences for specific groups like school administrators, educators, students, and parents so each group can quickly access the specific apps relevant to their role. Then, watch as support calls decrease while learning success soars.

SSO - Customize app access

So Much More Than Quick Logins

With ClassLink as your SSO solution, teachers and students spend more time learning and less time logging in. At the same time, tech teams are more efficient and effective thanks to included tools for automated rostering, state-of-the-art data security, and reliable usage analytics.

Additional Features
Roster Server process

Automate Rostering

Create and deliver rosters with greater accuracy, speed, and security—using Roster Server (included in your ClassLink subscription). When you opt to roster apps using Roster Server, you can take advantage of ClassLink’s Analytics and advanced SSO features, including the ability to assign apps by school, class, course, or roster data. Roster Server is also 1EdTech Certified for interoperability.

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DataGuard PII Data

Protect PII Data

Control the data you share with vendors for SSO and rostering. When you add the DataGuard upgrade to your Roster Server, you’ll further protect student privacy. DataGuard allows schools to mask and replace key PII fields with meaningless letter scrambles before sending data to a vendor through ClassLink Roster Server.

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MFA PIN Entry and Image Selection

Implement MFA

Strengthen digital security measures with the dynamic duo of Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). ClassLink offers a variety of MFA options so that multiple forms of identity verification are in place to increase security and protection. Elevate your security strategy with SSO and MFA to deliver a seamless yet robust user experience.

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My Classes - understand engagement

Understand Engagement

Use My Classes to give teachers a customizable dashboard they can use from anywhere to view and manage class apps or check usage analytics for insight into student engagement. Teachers spend less time managing apps or combing through analytics and more time supporting students. My Classes is available for schools using Roster Server and comes with your ClassLink subscription.

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When ClassLink came along, it was like it was dropped down to us from heaven because it saved so much time and frustration.
Dr. Christie Whitbeck
Bryan ISD

How Bryan ISD Overcame Digital Access Issues Districtwide

Bryan ISD needed to improve access to digital resources for everyone. With ClassLink's single sign-on and rostering tools, the district ensured students had timely access to digital learning resources and reduced downtime in board meetings.

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It’s the one place they go to. It’s where they start their day—students and adults. Cumulatively, ClassLink helps save hundreds of hours a day in this district.
Joshua Patchak
Executive Director of Technology and Information
Green Bay Area Public Schools

Giving 21,000 students secure access to online learning in Wisconsin’s Fourth-Largest District

Learn how ClassLink helped Green Bay Area Public Schools keep 21,000 students engaged and safe during remote learning with single sign-on access to approved digital resources.

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After reviewing all the options, we picked the most robust solution that offered the best chance of success. ClassLink provides so much value and is the most polished.
Tam Nguyen
Director of Information Technology
Orange Unified School District

ClassLink Streamlines Access and Returns 2,500 Hours of Instructional Time Per Month

District leaders at Orange Unified recognized that with the expanded use of digital resources, issues of security and access would need to be addressed. Learn how ClassLink streamlined access and returned 2,500 hours of critical instructional time to the district.

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