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Hybrid learning, remote learning, blended learning—whatever your school calls it, it’s here to stay! Making quick shifts between the in-person classroom and the virtual one can be challenging, but schools don’t have to face this task alone.

ClassLink makes the switch to remote learning less complicated by creating consistency in how students and staff engage with digital learning tools. With ClassLink, both teachers and administrators have the ability to track app usage and student engagement, students can easily access the online resources they need, and our parent portal brings schools, parents, and educators together to create a support system centered on student success.

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Learning Continuity Guidebook

Build an enduring remote learning plan with advice and insights from a trusted group of education leaders. In this nine-part blog series, former CTO’s, technology directors, and thought leaders share the pillars necessary for your entire district to succeed with remote learning.

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Planning for Sustainability

The past few years have brought unprecedented federal funding to the world of educational technology. But, what happens when the funding runs out? Explore this 4-part series designed to help education leaders gather and use data to create optimal and sustainable digital learning environments.

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Academy Spotlight: My Classes

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Back to School Planning: Setting Priorities

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COVID Effects on Education Compendium

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Administrators’ Guide - Make the Switch to Remote Learning with ClassLink

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Parents’ Guide - Easy ClassLink Access

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Teachers’ Guide - Productive eLearning with ClassLink

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ClassLink Quick Guide for Teachers

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ClassLink Quick Guide for Students

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