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The number of digital resources your students, staff, faculty, and alumni use is skyrocketing. And so is the need for secure and targeted access to all your resources and systems.

Enter ClassLink, your solution to affordable, personalized access. Say hello to streamlined identity management and multi-factor authentication, saving you valuable time. Enjoy usage analytics, self-service password resets, and 24/7 support, ensuring both savings and top-notch data security for your school!

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Secure Single Sign-On

Protect sensitive data against rising security threats while you improve access to digital apps, files, and resources with LaunchPad, a single sign-on (SSO) solution. Built for education, LaunchPad gives students and alumni quick SSO access to a customized portal that’s protected by secure Multi-Factor Authentication.

With a consistent and branded space to access resources, drive community engagement, or share news with alumni and students–or even use optional self-serve password resets–network staff spends less time on support tickets and more time on innovation.

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Usage Analytics

Save valuable budget dollars and stop spending on underused digital subscriptions and applications with ClassLink Analytics. You’ll gain detailed login, usage, and engagement reporting designed to support decision-making. Plus, you’ll better understand student and alumni engagement, be able to identify when at-risk students need support, and create stronger connections with alumni.

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Identity & Access Management

Account provisioning is secure and flexible with our easy-to-use provisioning tool, OneSync. ClassLink OneSync simplifies your institution’s account provisioning process, keeping students, faculty, staff, and alumni connected, secure, and engaged. OneSync also connects directly with your campus student information system to ensure when students and staff leave your institution, you are in control of who can access institution data.

Protect PII data and upgrade your Roster Server to include DataGuard. DataGuard helps you minimize the security risks associated with data sharing because sensitive PII is always protected.

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Cybersecurity & MFA

Address complex account security needs with a single sign-on campus hub where students, faculty, and staff can access digital resources from anywhere and on any device. ClassLink provides secure authentication methods, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), data encryption, and regular third-party security audits to keep your data safe.

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ClassLink’s Got You Covered

24/7 LIVE support for everyone (at no extra cost) no matter where you are in your ClassLink journey is just the beginning…

  • Dedicated support staff for each customer
  • Always expanding Help Center
  • User groups and communities
  • Free on-demand online training through ClassLink Academy
  • ISO Certified, so you know we deliver world-class customer service

See for Yourself!

From single sign-on to identity management, our solutions are the perfect fit for your institution. Explore our case studies to hear from other higher ed leaders already using ClassLink!

Since we implemented ClassLink, password reset requests have decreased dramatically.
Chad Marley
Chief Technology Officer
Laramie County Community College

Transforming Access at Laramie County Community College

ClassLink gives LCCC IT more time to focus on projects that help the college and less time managing passwords. Students and faculty benefit from secure and easy access to their web applications and can reset forgotten passwords.

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[Cabinet members] can go in and look at those analytics any time that they want, [that] was very beneficial.
Mark Anderson
Executive Director of IT Operations
Dunwoody College of Technology

ClassLink SSO and Analytics Changed the Way Dunwoody College Plans, Deploys, and Evaluates Digital Learning Resources

ClassLink Analytics provides Dunwoody College’s administrators with valuable insights on how the college’s digital resources are being used. Learn how this data has informed strategic decisions from investment priorities to instructional design.

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Since we launched ClassLink, we’ve seen a reduced number of helpdesk tickets for password resets and requests for how to find specific resources.
Jeff Mesch
IT Manager
Sacred Heart Major Seminary

How ClassLink Helped This Small IT Team Reduce Support Tickets

Sacred Heart Major Seminary may be a small, 100-year-old seminary and theology school, but technology is central to how the school operates. But, with only a two-person IT team, support tickets were a growing issue—that’s where ClassLink comes in.

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