4 Ways Our ISO Certifications Will Help You Worry Less About Service and Security

October 19, 2022
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What if you knew exactly what to expect when it comes to service and data security before ever paying a dime for your edtech? No surprises, disappointments, or frustrations.

Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

That is precisely the kind of peace of mind ClassLink’s ISO Certifications offer you. And since we now have two ISO Certifications—one for Data Security (ISO/IEC 270001) and one for Service Management Systems (ISO/IEC 20000-1)—we thought we’d highlight how they help you.

At the heart of these certifications is one central idea–trust.

Administrators, IT folks, and even teachers can rest a little easier knowing they can trust ClassLink to do what we say we’ll do and always have your school systems’ needs top-of-mind.

How Our ISO Certifications Help You Worry Less

Here are four ways our ISO certifications help you worry less and feel awesome about choosing ClassLink as your SSO provider.

1. Services You Can Trust

You might not realize it, but ClassLink offers our customers a lot of services.

  • Client Services such as implementation, engagement, and technical support
  • ClassLink Academy training
  • ClassLink’s complete product suite
  • Services to our partners through our Partner Program

With our ISO/IEC 20000-1 SMS certification, you can rest assured these services are customer-focused, adhere to the highest industry standards, and continuously improve to meet your needs. (And not just because we say so!)

2. World-Class Data Security and Service Standards

Earning these two ISO certifications means you can be confident we adhere to industry standards and follow world-class processes and policies for our service offerings and data security processes. (And who couldn’t use a little extra confidence around data security these days.)

3. You Are Top of Mind

Everyone says they are customer-focused, but we’ve demonstrated (through a pretty intense certification process) that we are committed to delivering services and data security that meet your needs. Many of us are former educators or education leaders who listen to your struggles and feedback and then build services and solutions based on what you need.

4. We’re Always Improving! 

We are always thinking about how we can be better for you. Continuous improvement is baked into our processes, policies, and our way of thinking.

We think our CEO, Berj Akian, sums up the benefits of these certifications nicely, “Having two ISO Certifications in place—for Data Security and now Service Management Systems—gives school leaders peace of mind in challenging times. This latest certification demonstrates our ongoing commitment to provide outstanding support at every stage of the customer journey."



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