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Complete your understanding of digital engagement for all students, instructors, and staff within the school system. Analytics+ expands the usage analytics you see through ClassLink to include any digital resource, even those accessed outside of ClassLink. Analytics+ gathers, crunches, and presents this data from the district level, down to the individual student, to help leaders make informed purchasing decisions and better support learning.

Part of ClassLink’s Learning Analytics platform, Analytics+ is for school-issued devices and works on Chrome and Edge browser and iOS devices.

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Access usage analytics for all the digital resources used on school-owned devices across your school system (even those accessed outside the ClassLink platform). Never wonder about the full picture of digital engagement again.

ClassLink Analytics+ Mockup
ClassLink Analytics+ Mockup

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Expand your understanding of what digital engagement looks like for all students, instructors, and staff in your school system—whether learning happens at home or in school. See who needs help, which resources are underutilized, and where to make changes.

Inspire Action with Analytics 

Use clear, actionable data to make sound decisions around instruction, support, professional learning, and budgeting. Then, watch digital engagement (and your ROI) grow and flourish.

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Let Us Answer Your Questions


What is Analytics+ and Why Now?

Is it Analytics Plus or Analytics+?

We try to keep things short and simple and so you’ll see it as a “+” sign, (but it’s possible someone, somewhere will want to spell out the + sign, and that’s ok too).

What does Analytics+ do?

Analytics+ gathers web usage information on school-owned devices whether the device is used at school or at home. The type of data being gathered:

  • Web browser usage on Chromebooks, Windows, macOS, and iOS devices
  • Native app usage on iOS devices

Why did ClassLink build Analytics+?

  • We built Analytics+ because schools told us they want a comprehensive view of edtech resource usage. Decision-makers and educators want to know how instructional resources are used so they can better guide learners towards success.
  • As schools increasingly embrace online learning tools, the need to measure equity in access and accountability for results has gone from being important to being an imperative.
  • Helping decision-makers and educators be more informed about how learners use instructional technology resources is a priority for ClassLink.

What type of schools will likely be most interested in Analytics+?

  • Analytics+ is appropriate for schools who provide school owned devices to students and teachers.
  • Analytics+ is designed to only be installed onto school-managed devices.

How Does It Work?

What information does Analytics+ gather?

Analytics+ gathers the following:

  • Website domains (on Chromebooks, Windows, Mac, iOS )
  • Native apps (on iOS)
  • Date and time
  • Minutes of use

How do you determine the user?

  • Analytics+ uses multiple ways to determine the user including current or most recent ClassLink user on the device.
  • Where there is no information to determine the user, we identify the user as anonymous.

How does Analytics+ differ from the base ClassLink Analytics?

The base ClassLink Analytics system captures only the web activity that is initiated from ClassLink LaunchPad, while Analytics+ gathers web activity regardless of where it is initiated, including iOS native app usage. School leaders and educators have asked for this additional information on school owned devices.

How does Analytics+ gather this data?

Analytics+ gathers this data through two new technologies:

  • For Chrome and Edge browsers, ClassLink Analytics+ will need to be installed onto managed devices (this will be in addition to the existing ClassLink OneClick extension).
  • For iOS devices, ClassLink Analytics+ will need to be installed onto managed iOS devices (this will be in addition to the existing ClassLink LaunchPad iOS app).

Does it work on iPads?

Yes, Analytics+ will be able to capture native app usage and websites visited on native browsers on iOS devices. This is accomplished through the installation of ClassLink Analytics+ onto managed iOS devices.

What about Android devices?

Analytics+ on Android devices is being considered.


Security and Privacy

What about privacy?

  • Analytics+ is designed to only gather usage information on school-owned devices. These devices are subject to Acceptable Use Policies which govern the school’s obligation to monitor usage.
  • Additionally, educators want this information to know what instructional resources are being used, so they can better guide learners towards success.
  • Analytics+ is designed to prevent gathering usage information on non-school-owned devices.

Where is the data stored?

  • The data is stored on secure database servers hosted in the cloud.
  • The data is encrypted in transit and is encrypted in storage.

Purchasing and Availability

What is the pricing structure?

  • The pricing structure is very simple. Regardless of the size of the institution, or number of school-owned devices, it is $0.25 per user per year.
  • User count is the combination of students and full-time teachers.
  • There is a minimum license fee of $100 per year for Analytics+ (this only matters for institutions with <500 licensed users).

Why is there an annual license cost for Analytics+?

ClassLink incurs several new costs associated with Analytics+ beyond the development of the new functionality, these include:

  • Ongoing server processing and hosting costs for the increased data
  • Additional staffing for both increased customer support as well as delivering ongoing improvements of Analytics generally

Will there be a setup cost or hosting fees for Analytics+?

No, other than the $0.25 per user annual license (with a minimum license fee of $100 per year), there are no other costs.

Can a school purchase Analytics+ alone, with no other ClassLink technologies?

No, Analytics+ requires several other ClassLink technologies to enable full functionality.

When will Analytics+ be available for customers?

Analytics+ is available July 1, 2021.


Data Interoperability and Filters

Can we filter by grade levels and not just schools?

Yes, so long as the grade level information is in ClassLink Roster Server. The Analytics+ reporting console can aggregate usage data into any cohorts that are in ClassLink Roster Server.

Are demographics groupings available in Analytics+?

Yes, Analytics+ is designed to aggregate usage data into any cohorts that are in ClassLink Roster Server.

Are date filters available?

All reports can be filtered to any custom date range.

Will Analytics+ be a separate reporting interface or available through the base ClassLink Analytics reporting interface?

Analytics+ reports are found within the base ClassLink Analytics app.

Will Analytics+ data be combined with base Analytics data, so our school can see a single comprehensive view of all usage, whether from within LaunchPad or outside of LaunchPad?

Yes it will, and we’re excited about this too. Analytics+ provides a comprehensive view of edtech use, whether through LaunchPad or not.

Can usage data from Analytics+ be exported into other systems?

ClassLink very much cares about data interoperability and yes, all the data in Analytics+, as well as base Analytics, can be exported into other systems as follows:

  • SFTP scheduled export: This technology allows for scheduled export of bulk datasets through a secure file transport protocol, making it available to be bulk uploaded into other systems.
  • Data Table Exports: Most all reports or data tables in Analytics+ will have an export button adjacent to them. This allows you to download the data in csv format.

Do I need to re-enter cost and license data of our vendor apps that we’ve already entered into the base ClassLink Analytics reporting interface?

There’s no re-entering data. Analytics+ connects with existing cost and # of licenses data you have already entered.

Will there be changes to the base ClassLink Analytics reporting interface?

Yes, there will be a few improvements, including:

  • You will be able to group usage by demographic data and grade levels from ClassLink Roster Server.
  • You will be able to add more detailed cost and # of licenses of vendor apps.

Technical Setup, Requirements, Interoperability, and Data Filters

What is required, technically, to use Analytics+, e.g. ClassLink Roster Server? Extensions?

Analytics+ uses new software technologies to gather usage data:

  • For Chrome and Edge browsers, ClassLink Analytics+ will need to be installed onto managed devices (this will be in addition to the existing ClassLink OneClick extension).
  • For iOS devices, ClassLink Analytics+ will need to be installed onto managed iOS devices (this will be in addition to the existing ClassLink LaunchPad iOS app).

Analytics+ also requires ClassLink Roster Server and ClassLink LaunchPad.

How much work is involved to activate Analytics+?

Very little work is involved to activate Analytics+:

  • ClassLink provides easy to follow instructions to install Analytics+ onto managed devices and set about a half dozen config choices.
  • And that’s it, Analytics+ is up and running.

What School Leaders Are Saying

“We are excited to start using Analytics+ to gain a complete picture of digital engagement. The usage data gathered from this product will help us make decisions that have a positive impact on instruction and learning.”
– Kelly Wade, Director of Instructional Technology, Williamson County Schools
Digital Promise Product Certification Badge

Certified by Digital Promise

Analytics and Analytics+ are the first products to earn the Research-Based Learning Analytics Product Certification from Digital Promise. This certification demonstrates that ClassLink’s Analytics products are built on rigorous and empirical analytics research, grounded in research about decision-making, and independently verified by Digital Promise experts.

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