Uninterrupted Learning, Starting Day 1

As the leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution for education, ClassLink offers an unparalleled suite of products designed to help technology leaders manage access to digital resources while keeping student data secure.

You’ll give your tech team a complete set of tools that streamline account management, automate rostering, and provide reliable data security. But, more importantly, you’ll provide students and staff with an outstanding (and safe) learning experience.

Everything works together, so uninterrupted learning begins on day one, and IT teams stay sane!

Take IAM From Overwhelming to Automated

Managing identities is complex and time-consuming. Fortunately, ClassLink automates and streamlines the process giving you happy, productive tech teams and engaged, thriving classrooms.

OneSync - Manage accounts

Create & Manage Accounts

Save time (and your sanity) with OneSync! From automated imports to reconciling and deactivating accounts, OneSync takes the guesswork out of managing student data and saves tech teams from spending hundreds of hours on manual account creation and management.

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Roster Server process

Deliver Class Rosters

Create and deliver rosters with greater accuracy, speed, and security—using Roster Server. OneSync and Roster Server also work together, giving you automated daily syncs to keep your identity data up-to-date and accurate so everyone can access what they need, when they need it. Plus, Roster Server is 1EdTech Certified for interoperability.

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DataGuard PII Data

Protect PII Data

When you upgrade your Roster Server to include DataGuard, you’ll further protect student privacy. DataGuard allows schools to mask and replace key PII fields with meaningless letter scrambles before sending data to a vendor through ClassLink Roster Server.

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Secure SSO

Provide Secure Access

Complete your IAM solution with LaunchPad–secure single sign-on (SSO) access to digital apps and resources backed by Multi-Factor Authentication. You’ll set students up for outstanding learning experiences that begin on day one, with no interruptions.

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Advanced IAM Features

*All features below are included in your ClassLink subscription at no extra cost.

User Impersonation

Boost your helpdesk efficiency with impersonation rights and allow others to edit or post LaunchPad notifications

Security Roles

Assign administrative permissions to profiles, groups, or users for security center, notifications, and impersonations

Account Claiming

Streamline onboarding and tech support by allowing new users to claim AD accounts without manual password distribution

OAuth2 Restrictions

Prevent students from accessing unauthorized OAuth2 apps that automatically log in using ClassLink

Account Sponsorship

Implement an approval process to request ClassLink accounts for individuals who are not listed in your directory

WinDows Sign-in

Use secure ClassLink login methods, including Multi-Factor Authentication, to sign in to Windows 10 and 11 devices

Digital agreement

Enforce compliance by assigning agreements to profiles, groups, or individual users that must be accepted before login

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OneSync makes our lives easier and, more importantly, it makes the end user’s experience better as well.
Jeremy Simpson
District Technology Coordinator/Chief Information Officer
Estill County School District

How This Kentucky District Transformed Identity and Access Management With ClassLink

With ClassLink, Estill County Schools transformed their ability to support students and staff. The district improved student access to learning tools and gave IT staff back crucial time to focus on other issues instead of manually connecting students with new resources.

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ClassLink is a great solution to provide more classroom instruction time instead of time logging into individual software platforms.
Darren McCullough
Technology Coordinator
Doddridge County Schools

How This West Virginia District Created a Secure and Sustainable 1:1 Digital Learning Environment

ClassLink transformed Doddridge County Schools’ ability to support their 1:1 digital learning initiative—improving student access, saving time, and allowing IT staff to focus on issues like student data security and rostering applications instead of logins.

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If you're considering ClassLink I would definitely say, take the step to do it. It's going to save you time and money. It makes going back to school so much easier!
Charri Stratton
Director of Instructional Technology
Putnam City Schools

Oklahoma Schools Save Learning Time With SSO, Rostering, and Analytics

In Oklahoma, two large school districts, serving over 30,000+ students combined, struggled with multiple challenges. Each process, from single sign-on to rostering, proved difficult without the proper solution to solve them. Here's how ClassLink helped.

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