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Roster Smarter, Not Harder

Deliver class rosters to all of your digital learning resources instantly and securely using open data standards with Roster Server. No more manual inputting, custom CSV templates, or expensive options for edtech providers and schools.

Ready, Set, Learn!

Included in ClassLink’s advanced Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite, Roster Server works with OneSync, providing automated daily syncs to keep your identity data accurate. Everything works together, so uninterrupted learning begins on day one of school.

Automate Rostering With Speed

Share class roster data with all your edtech vendors using a common, open standard — OneRoster®. Easily export data from your Student Information System (SIS), customize sync schedules, and maintain your data within the security of a private rostering instance. You’ll gain greater control over data imports and save precious time!

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Roster Server - Mask PII with DataGuard

Protect What Matters Most

Need advanced data protection? Use DataGuard to mask Personally Identifiable Information (PII) when sharing data with third-party vendors. DataGuard helps you minimize the security risks associated with data sharing because sensitive PII is always protected.

Customize the Data You Share

With Roster Server, school systems gain control over which data they choose to share. Schools can modify SIS data to meet the OneRoster® standard, add metadata, merge files, and more using Roster Server’s Preprocessor.

Roster Server - Customize shared data

Do More With Roster Server

Use a dedicated rostering environment specific to your school

Customize databases for your school with unique usernames and passwords

Use dedicated SFTP drop boxes for file uploads

Send and receive data in compliance with OneRoster® standard

Roster with unlimited vendors with no additional fees

Support SAML/OAUTH/LTI for any vendor with no fees to vendors or your district

IMS Global Certified

1EdTech Certified

ClassLink Roster Server is certified by the 1EdTech Consortium to comply with the 1EdTech OneRoster® standard and the TrustEd Apps Seal of Data Privacy. These certifications guarantee ClassLink’s interoperability with hundreds of products and demonstrate that we are certified for data privacy.

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Learn how Roster Server supports school systems like yours in this case study.

If you're considering ClassLink I would definitely say, take the step to do it. It's going to save you time and money. It makes going back to school so much easier!
Charri Stratton
Director of Instructional Technology
Putnam City Schools

Oklahoma Schools Save Learning Time With SSO, Rostering, and Analytics

In Oklahoma, two large school districts, serving over 30,000+ students combined, struggled with multiple challenges. Each process, from single sign-on to rostering, proved difficult without the proper solution to solve them. Here's how ClassLink helped.

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