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ClassLink SSO and Analytics Changed the Way Dunwoody College Plans, Deploys, and Evaluates Digital Learning Resources

The Challenge

Mark Anderson, a director with over 15 years of IT leadership experience in technology solutions and IT operations, made streamlined access a priority for Dunwoody College of Technology’s 1,200 students, faculty, and staff. The college leader recognized that with 16+ applications to locate and log in to, and access managed at the department-level, frustrations among their users were on the rise. The college resolved to find a more straightforward way of delivering their digital library and looked to Single Sign-On (SSO).

Choosing ClassLink

After piloting other SSO solutions that were more expensive and awkward to use, Dunwoody went with ClassLink in January 2018. The college rebranded its ClassLink after surveying their students. Today, students, faculty, and staff login just once to ‘Launchpad’, where all their school applications, productivity tools, and files are organized in one central location. With ClassLink in place, adding new resources consumes much less time and frees IT to focus on more strategic tasks.

The Outcome

Over 150 apps connect to Dunwoody’s Launchpad, including Canvas, Office 365, and dozens of productivity tools. New staff and faculty are greeted with a login to Launchpad, which has dramatically streamlined the onboarding process.

Access to ClassLink Analytics is enabled for both the VP of Enrollment and Director of Marketing, who can view reports showing how the college’s digital resources are being used. This insightful data has been used to inform strategic level decisions, from investment priorities to instructional design.

“The ability to have mobile and simplified access to one interface is valuable for us.”

Mark Anderson
Dunwoody College of Technology