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Student-Centric Tech: How an Iowa District Achieved One-to-One Device Success

Navigating the integration of new technologies posed a distinctive challenge for the Grinnell-Newburg Community School District. The recent shift from an iPad lab setup to a personalized device for each student introduced complexities in managing login credentials for students and teachers. Meanwhile, the tech team grappled with overseeing student accounts while lacking comprehensive insights into app usage data.

Fortunately, with the help of ClassLink, the district saved valuable classroom time and hours previously spent manually provisioning accounts. They were able to get vital insights into app usage data.


With the shift to a 1:1 device model, students faced difficulties accessing online resources efficiently, leading to a loss of instructional time. Additionally, some online resources were eliminated from usage altogether. Technology Integrationist Bill Gruman recalls that the district had underused resources due to the challenges access created for classroom teachers

The district also spent a considerable amount of time and effort on creating and managing user accounts. Additionally, the absence of a systematic approach to evaluating the effectiveness of online resources made it challenging for the district to justify spending on specific tools.


LaunchPad provided a centralized platform, simplifying access to educational apps and resources. Students can now easily log in to their accounts, saving valuable instructional time. Gruman praises the district's decision to implement ClassLink, saying it was able to "build more efficiency in the screen time" and" create better productivity in the classroom."

Gruman also mentions that thanks to ClassLink Roster Server's automated account provisioning, "with the click of a checkbox," classes are built and synced with the student information system and set for the whole year. This saved crucial hours and ensured a streamlined and secure user account management system.

Analytics empowered the district with insights into the usage patterns of various online apps. Gruman says that Analytics provides "a way to be able to say we're getting reasonable value for those resources." This data-driven approach allowed administrators to understand which resources were most valuable for students, enabling informed decisions on resource allocation and justifying expenditures.


After implementing LaunchPad and Roster Server, the time spent on account management tasks was significantly reduced. This allowed educators and administrators to focus more on teaching and enhancing the learning experience. According to Gruman, LaunchPad has provided a convenient portal for students to quickly access and log into digital resources, while Roster Server has provided a secure portal that allows only necessary student data to be sent for account creation.

Gruman says, "In an environment where we need to be mindful about how school dollars are spent, we use ClassLink Analytics to provide usage rates and a cost analysis for our different resources." Analytics provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of online resources, enabling the district to make informed decisions about allocating resources and justifying expenditures.

Gruman praises the new ease of education in the district, saying ClassLink products "provide some peace of mind that the data that we're sharing is secure and allows us to be able to focus on building a great instructional environment for our students."

"ClassLink has eliminated dozens of hours of labor. Each year, it'd be nearly impossible for me to be able to manage all the accounts that I do without ClassLink."

Bill Gruman
Grinnell-Newburg Community School District