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How ClassLink Helped This Small IT Team Reduce Support Tickets

The Challenge

Finding an affordable option for self-serve password resets

Sacred Heart Major Seminary may be a small, 100-year-old seminary and theology school, but technology is central to how the school operates. Students and faculty use a learning management system for online classes, G-suite for communications and storage, along with library databases and online journals for research.

But with over 600 students and a two-person IT team, support tickets for password resets was a growing issue. If a student forgot their password on Friday night, they were locked out of a tool until the IT department opened Monday morning.

“We needed a self-service password reset option, and it had to be affordable,” explains IT Manager Jeff Mesch.

Choosing ClassLink

Affordable and equipped with unexpected benefits

After searching for months, Mesch was resigned to buying an expensive password reset solution, until he discovered ClassLink. Affordable and easy-to-use, ClassLink provided the password reset functionality Sacred Heart needed.

ClassLink also made critical digital tools, such as library resources, easily accessible to students. Mesch wasn't sure the library's databases and journals would work with ClassLink's single sign-on technology because their authentication process doesn't always work with standard tools. But the ClassLink team assisted Mesch’s team in developing a new way to handle authentication for tools like e-books, journals, and databases, ensuring students could access those tools the same way they access any app in ClassLink, by signing in to ClassLink LaunchPad.

The Outcome

Easy access to digital tools and fewer support tickets

“Now that we have ClassLink, students can log back in on their own without having to wait on us. This is a major win,” enthuses Mesch. While he doesn’t have specific data yet, he’s noticed a significant drop in support tickets for password resets.

ClassLink LaunchPad also solved accessibility issues for staff and students. “Suddenly, tools that might be in random spots on our website or only available as bookmarks are all in one central location with LaunchPad. We didn’t anticipate that functionality, but it’s been huge for us,” explains Mesh.

He says easier access to library resources was particularly helpful. “Now students can access over 60 journals and databases, plus thousands of e-books within three clicks, including the click to log in,” enthuses Mesch.

“Since we launched ClassLink, we’ve seen a reduced number of helpdesk tickets for password resets and requests for how to find specific resources. This lets us focus on other needs and reduce response times. ClassLink has been a game-changer for us.”

Jeff Mesch
Sacred Heart Major Seminary