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1:1 Transformation: How ClassLink Saved Time and Made Day-to-Day Admin Tasks Disappear

Alhambra ESD is a 1:1 district providing each student with a laptop or iPad. The school lacked the proper infrastructure to support this environment and found a viable solution in ClassLink's full suite of products.


Before integrating ClassLink products, Alhambra ESD encountered resistance from both students and teachers toward using online resources. Accessing these resources was particularly challenging for younger students, leading to frustration and limited engagement. Barcelona Elementary School principal Amy Bradshaw mentions, "Those barriers really deterred teachers away from using technology meaningfully."

Meanwhile, the district lacked app usage insight, and administrators were tasked with manual account management.


Alhambra ESD implemented ClassLink's suite of products to address these challenges comprehensively. With the adoption of LaunchPad, students can seamlessly access digital tools and content tailored to their educational needs. Bradshaw praises QuickCards, citing how they "made iPad use more intentional and more frequent in the primary grades."

With OneSync, Alhambra ESD automated the provisioning of user accounts, ensuring seamless integration between Active Directory and Google Accounts. Roster Server implemented state-of-the-art Identity Access Management, safeguarding student information while facilitating secure data sharing with third-party vendors. IT Director Ruben Montoya mentions, "When it comes to Identity Access Management, ClassLink has done a nice job keeping us safe with our student data."

Plus, integrating Analytics and Analytics+ provided Alhambra ESD with valuable insights into resource usage and user behavior.


LaunchPad streamlined resource access, empowering even the youngest learners to utilize digital tools effectively. OneSync significantly reduced administrative overhead, allowing IT staff to focus on other critical tasks. Roster Server ensured compliance with privacy regulations while enabling efficient collaboration with external partners. By analyzing data from LaunchPad and external sources via Analytics and Analytics+, the district gained actionable intelligence to inform purchasing decisions and optimize resource allocation.

"The integration of ClassLink solutions has saved us an enormous amount of time and made a lot of day-to-day tasks around Alhambra disappear."

Ruben Montoya
Alhambra ESD