Educators Need More Insights

My Classes provides educators with insights that help them measure student engagement with digital applications. With a customizable dashboard for each class, educators now have a simple way to manage and assign applications and better understand which apps are fully utilized by students.

No matter where learning takes place, My Classes helps teachers save time so they can get back to supporting students.

Organize Classes From Anywhere

From the quick, anytime access to classroom resources to the time teachers save assigning apps and communicating with students, My Classes is your secure home base for classroom management.

Personalize Learning for Each Class

From My Classes, you can personalize the apps available to each of your classes and manage shortcuts to lesson plans, resources, and files. The process is so easy, you can change these links daily depending on your classes’ needs so students can focus on learning and you can get back to teaching.

My Classes - Personalize apps
My Classes - Understand analytics

Understand Student Usage

Usage analytics help instructors understand student engagement and which tools are making an impact. Educators can view a particular app’s usage stats drilled down to individual students...and Heatmaps will quickly show you the total number of hours and minutes students spend using groups of apps daily.

Keep Students Informed

My Classes helps educators make announcements and share everything from updates on assignments to new learning resources. You can even start discussion boards to encourage engagement, all from within the dashboard.

My Classes - Educator/student discussions

4 Digital Learning Challenges You Can Solve With My Classes

Digital learning is fantastic for a lot of reasons. (Hello, personalization, learning from anywhere, and gamification!) But hiccups–like forgotten passwords and problems finding apps–eat away at the time teachers and students have for all that awesomeness.

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