ClassLink Academy: June 2023

June 12, 2023
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Summer has arrived, and ClassLink Academy is sizzling with excitement. ☀️ We've got new Roster Server and LaunchPad CMC Professional certifications that make excellent summer training resources (and we're sharing free exam codes below). Plus, we've added OneSync Rollover steps to the BTS checklist, and we've been nominated for a Learning and Development Award. Let's dig into the details!

Professional Certifications

Elevate your expertise with two new cutting-edge courses available in ClassLink Academy! 

Enroll now in our Roster Server Professional Certification to master SIS connections and data imports. We have an exclusive offer for the first 20 registrants: use the code RSPro4Me until the end of August to access the $99 exam for free!

With our new LaunchPad CMC Professional Certification exam, you can also boost your skills in authentication methods, folder management and more. The first 20 participants to register before the end of August can also take this $99 exam for free using the code: CMCPro4Me. 

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to expand your ClassLink knowledge at no cost.

OneSync Rollover

It’s Back to School season and we’re got you covered with the tools you need! If you’re wondering how to wrap things up with OneSync, our OneSync Annual Rollover Checklist provides all the necessary details for each season of the academic year. 

⚠️ NOTE: All OneSync articles are now accessible by logging into your ClassLink Help Center Account

Learning and Development Awards

Love the magic we bring to your ClassLink experience? Show your support by voting for us in the 2023 OnCon Icon Awards. We're thrilled to be finalists for these prestigious awards, which recognize the finest learning and development teams globally. 🤓 Winners are chosen through community and peer voting, so your firsthand experience with ClassLink Academy counts. Cast your vote before July 1st to help us win!



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