ClassLink Academy: April 2023

April 27, 2023
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As April showers wash away the winter chill and bring things back to life, we’re joining in here at ClassLink Academy, showering you with fresh updates! 🌧️ We’re sharing our brand new Arabic course, the latest in Roster Server, announcing gamification winners, and a few other tidbits. So put on your rain boots and hop into a puddle of what’s happening at ClassLink Academy. 💦

Rostering Google Classroom

As you prepare to wrap up this academic year and prepare for the next to come, did you know that ClassLink integrates with Google Classroom? Check out our course offering - 7.3 Rostering Google Classroom! This course is designed to equip you with expert-level skills in using the Google Classroom application for Roster Server.🤓By enrolling in this course, you can expect to learn everything there is to know about enabling API Client IDs and secrets, identifying how to access class roster data, and much more. 

💡 You must be signed in to ClassLink Academy to access this course.


ClassLink Academy now has our first-ever Arabic course available in your course catalog. We are proud to have partnered with Kamkalima to create a comprehensive guide on nurturing your mental health as part of our Mental Health Anthology in our Professional Development Series. 

This initiative is a testament to our commitment to providing inclusive resources and expanding our reach globally. These new offerings will benefit our Arabic-speakers and help us create a more diverse and inclusive learning community.🌏

And the Winners Are…

It’s that special time that comes once a quarter. We’re announcing ClassLink Academy’s Gamification winners! Below are our Q1 champions! Let’s give a round of applause for: 

🥇Meagan Vestal from Tonganoxie Schools in Kansas 

🥈Carla Doss from Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD in Texas

🥉Maury Wood from Williamson County Schools in Tennessee

🏆 And an extra special shout out to our two-time champion Maury Wood!

All winners will be inducted into our Digital Hall of Fame and receive an Amazon gift card! Do you long for glory and sweet prizes? It’s as easy as racking up those points! Log in to ClassLink Academy, chat it up in discussion forums, and take our awesome courses–you could be a winner too!

Pro Series Cert Questions

We’re now offering the Roster Server Professional (Pro) exam, which comprehensively evaluates all aspects of Roster Server, including SIS connections, data imports, third-party vendor resources, and manual records. There’s no need to worry about prerequisites or co-requisites, but ClassLink Academy does offer plenty of courses that can help you prepare for the exam, free of charge!

To earn your Roster Server Professional credential, you must take a timed assessment of 50 questions that will take 1.5 interrupted hours to complete. You have three available attempts to pass your exam. Score 85% or higher to obtain your Roster Server Professional certification, valid for three years.

Short and Sweet

In our Help Center, we’re dedicated to making articles as user-friendly as possible. After all, when you're in a rush to reset your password, you need a straightforward solution that's easy to follow. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest initiative: spunky mini-videos that explain everything you need to know in bite-sized clips. 

You’ll find these videos peppered throughout pre-existing Help Center guides. Check out our latest article, "I Forgot My Password. How Do I Reset It?" and stay tuned for more!



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