Manage the Back-to-School Process with Efficiency And Accuracy With Audit Center

May 7, 2024
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We've added a new feature to ClassLink Audit Center just in time for the busy transition between school years. The new Back to School (BTS) Checklist in Audit Center helps your school district be more efficient and organized during one of the busiest (and most chaotic) times of the school year.

Use the checklist to:

  • Guide your technology team through each step of the back-to-school process
  • Assign tasks
  • Track progress
  • Ensure critical information is accessible to teams when they need it

Set Your Schools Up for a Smoother Back to School Season

Expectations around technology and information access at the beginning of the school year are high. With students and teachers arriving and departing and high expectations from parents, there's a lot to do, and districts are under immense pressure to be prepared.

Districts can ease some of that pressure by using the ClassLink Back To School Checklist in Audit Center to streamline the transition between school years.

The checklist lays out the entire process step by step, guiding tech teams through rostering, permissions, and security settings so teams can save time and ensure accuracy.

As Dr. Sheryl Abshire, former CTO of Calcasieu Parish Public Schools, explains, the BTS checklist addresses a common problem for district technology leaders: staying on top of BTS and setting schools up for a smooth BTS season.

"Anything we can do to be efficient, ease our workload, and help us and our staff be more prepared during the chaotic start to the school year is a huge win, and the BTS Checklist does exactly that, bringing clarity to every stage of the Back to School process," explains Abshire.

How it Works

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3. ClassLink Administrators can:

  1. Select the BTS Checklist from Audit Center's Audit Library
  2. Add team members and assign them tasks
  3. Monitor progress at each stage of the process

Everyone can see the steps that need to be completed, and when–so there are no surprises or missed steps.

When the BTS season ends, and you've completed the checklist, you can download a summary report to share with others in your school system.

Use the BTS Checklist Today

School systems already using Audit Center will find the BTS Checklist in the Audit Library, along with the newly updated Cybersecurity Rubric 2.0.

Don't have Audit Center yet? Make your BTS process more efficient (and less chaotic) with Audit Center and the BTS Checklist, visit



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