Eight ClassLink Academy Courses to Supercharge Cyber Readiness

March 20, 2024
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Are you a ClassLink Administrator who wants to take your cybersecurity skills to the next level? We've got you covered with our Security Awareness and IAM course anthologies. Click the links below to explore our ClassLink Academy courses. ⚠️ Log in to ClassLink Academy to directly access the courses through the links below.

💡 Not a ClassLink Admin? Not to worry! Instructors and staff can access the courses directly from their ClassLink Academy course catalog.

Security Awareness Anthology

IAM Anthology

  • 2.1 Introduction to IAM: Discover the benefits of Identity Access Management (IAM) for school systems and learn key IAM concepts, goals, and framework principles.
  • 2.2 Authentication Methods: Uncover the importance of authentication and learn about password policies, passphrase authentications, and types of multi-factor authentication.
  • 2.3 Access Control: Explore the key elements of RBAC, ABAC, and Fine-Grained Access Control models.
  • 2.4 IAM Best Practices: Learn about cybersecurity automation, Incident Response Plans, and best practices for security protocols.


Education Leaders

About the Author

About the Authors

Jeff Janover

VP of Security & Interoperability



Jeff Janover is the VP of Security and Interoperability at ClassLink. Before ClassLink, Jeff worked for over 20 years as the Director of Technology in a New Jersey public school district, providing him with insights into the challenges faced by educational institutions and a deep understanding of the intersection between technology and education. Now, Jeff uses his engineering, database design, and programming skills to help build robust data interoperability systems for the academic community.