ClassLink’s Default SAML Signing Certificate Will Be Updated on Sunday, July 28, 2024 - 12:01 am EST (GMT-4:01)

May 8, 2024
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Single Sign-on applications that use SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) require a certificate for authentication and security purposes. These SAML certificates authenticate and secure SAML requests, responses, and assertions between software systems. Within LaunchPad, SAML applications utilize the ClassLink Certificate, which requires renewal annually at the end of July.

To manage our Cert transitions with planning and care and prevent outages, we inform our customers and vendor partners of the upcoming change through multiple communications channels and on several occasions.

How might this affect ClassLink customers?

  • ClassLink customers are unlikely to notice the renewal
  • However, SAML SSO application(s) could be unavailable for a short time.
  • Customers with custom SAML applications may need to refresh their certificate to ensure continued functionality.

How might it affect ClassLink vendor partners?

Vendor partners that leverage SAML single sign-on rely on ClassLink’s Cert to ensure authenticity and security between their servers and ClassLink servers. Based on our testing, we have found the following:

  • Vendor partner application(s) could automatically accept our new SAML certificate with no additional action required from any party. The majority of applications will be in this category.
  • Vendor partner applications could require an action step to be taken by the vendor to accept our new SAML certificate. For example, the expiration date may be hard-coded in their system. 

We inform our vendor partners about the certificate expiration and renewal every year with proper notice to make any necessary changes.

Does ClassLink know which vendor applications will automatically accept the new certificate?

We are aware of the status of some vendor partner applications but not all of them. 

What should I do?

If your SAML SSO application is not working after Sunday, July 28, 2024 - 12:01 am EST (GMT-4:01), please follow these steps:

  • ClassLink Customers: Contact your vendor to inform/remind them to refresh the ClassLink metadata.
  • Vendor Partners: Refresh the ClassLink metadata for your application.

Please contact us if you have questions at with the subject “SAML Cert Update.”

We wish you and your team a healthy and successful upcoming school year.


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