The CLON Factor: 3 Days. Endless ROI for Your Schools

June 5, 2024
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You know that feeling you get when you leave an event or a conference that delivered exactly what you needed? You're energized, full of ideas, and ready to implement all the new things you learned.

That feeling will be in the air at CLON 2025–ready and waiting for you to breathe it in. 

Everything we're planning is designed with one goal in mind: seeing customers like you finish day three feeling relieved and ready to tackle your technology challenges. You'll leave with solutions crafted alongside our product team, new connections to reach out to for advice, and knowledge that will make your days less stressful and more successful.

What Can You Expect From CLON 2025?

  • Connect with education technology leaders navigating similar challenges. With a mix of workshops, socials, and user groups, you'll have plenty of chances to connect with fellow leaders who share your passions and goals. You'll be making new connections left and right without even trying.
  • Meet one-on-one with our product experts for personalized ClassLink support. We know every school and district is different, so we're here to help! Our product experts will be right there with you to tackle any challenges you face. Let's ensure you get the absolute most out of ClassLink and enjoy all its amazing benefits!
  • Get to know the product owners who drive ClassLink's IAM suite. Join sessions led by our Product Development team to get an insider's look at what's new and upcoming in the world of ClassLink products.
  • Earn free ClassLink Professional certifications on-site. Become one of the hundreds of ClassLink Pros worldwide by earning one (or more!) of our four Professional certifications: CMC, Roster Server, OneSync, and Analytics. Not ready to be a pro? Complete micro-courses focused on product-specific features.
  • Become a cybersecurity expert! Master the Cybersecurity Rubric 2.0 and discover how you can join 340+ tech leaders with CCRE credentials. Join introductory and deep-dive sessions that show you how to use the Cybersecurity Rubric and how to become a Certified Cybersecurity Rubric Evaluator.

Invest Three Days To Advance Your IAM Forever

We're not kidding. You'll leave CLON '25 ready to plan a long-term approach to identity and access management that protects PII, automates your workload, and ensures personalized and secure access for students and staff every day.

Managing digital access, cybersecurity, student engagement, and digital learning challenges is tough work. But with the right support and connections, you can tackle it all. That's the CLON factor.

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