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March 12, 2024
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Are you planning to change your ClassLink Authentication method during the summer rollover? There's a lot to consider. Planning for a smooth transition starts now, so we're sharing tips and resources below. (PS: We recommend you make Auth changes during your summer rollover to avoid disruptions, but you probably already knew that!)

The best way to get started is by joining our March Administrator Meetup on March 13th at 1:00 pm ET. 

We'll share tips and resources for a smooth Authentication change.

Can't make the Meetup? Register anyway, and we'll share a recording of the session.

Here's a sneak peek at what we'll cover:

Why Start Now?

When you change how you authenticate into ClassLink, you are basically starting over with a brand new ClassLink environment, and users are starting over with new accounts. (This approach ensures your data stays secure!) So give yourself plenty of time to do the prep work and your vendors a lot of notice.

Notify Vendors Early

Summer is a busy time in the vendor world too, so letting vendors know early about an Auth Change gives them plenty of time to prepare. (We've even written a quick email template to save you some time. See below.)

“We are changing our Authentication method into ClassLink for the [YEAR] school year. This change will result in our usernames in the roster server changing from (xxxxxx) to (xxxxxxx). Please let us know if you foresee any challenges that would occur due to this change. We plan to execute this change on (DATE)."

Use Our Support Docs

You have three options for authentication methods, and each one requires different steps and advice during a change. Below you’ll find support docs that address switching to each of the three available authentication options.

Call Your Engagement Rep!

Meet with your Engagement Specialist if you have any questions. We've helped hundreds of schools through Authentication changes, and we know the process. Let us walk you through it!

One Last Reminder: It's Time to Start Your SIS Change

Are you moving to a new Student Information System? Now is the time to start preparing so you can limit impacts on students and staff. Plus, you'll want to give vendors plenty of notice before they get swamped with the busy end-of-year and back-to-school season. 

Check out last month's blog for details and support (or set up a call with your Engagement Specialist!)



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