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October 16, 2023
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Stand out as a ClassLink Pro among your colleagues (and potential employers) with our new ClassLink Professional Certification Series. The series consists of four Professional (Pro) Certification exams: Roster Server, Analytics, OneSync, and LaunchPad CMC.

For each exam you successfully complete, you'll earn a three-year professional certification and a credentialed badge.

Exams are available through ClassLink Academy for US$99. And–deal alert–if you sign up before December 31, 2023, you can use the promo codes listed below to take the exams for free! 🎉

About the Exams

Discover everything you need to know about the Pro exams. Details below.

✔️ No prerequisites or corequisites
✔️ 50 randomized questions
✔️ 1.5 hours to complete each exam
✔️ Certifications are valid for 3 years
✔️ Cost US$99 each (FREE with promo codes until the end of the year!)

Plus, you can find free test-prep materials in each of the Product Anthology courses available through ClassLink Academy–making studying a breeze.

⚠️ To access the certification exams you’ll need to log into ClassLink Academy.

Details and Promo Codes

As you gear up for the Pro exams, take a moment to explore the brief descriptions of each exam below (and find those coveted promo codes!).

Roster Server Pro

Take the Roster Server Professional Certification exam to demonstrate your mastery of SIS connections, data imports, adding apps, and more!

Promo Code: RSPro4Me
Test Prep Materials: Roster Server Anthology Courses

LaunchPad CMC Pro

With our LaunchPad CMC Professional Certification exam, you can show off your many skills in authentication methods, folder management, LaunchPad, and more.

Promo Code: CMCPro4Me
Test Prep Materials:

Analytics Pro

Complete the Analytics Professional Certification exam and prove your expertise in using Analytics and Analytics+ to dive into user data, app usage data, and reports to support data-based decision-making at your school.

Promo Code: AnalyticsPro4Me
Test Prep Materials: Analytics Anthology Courses

OneSync Pro

Take the OneSync Professional Certification exam and demonstrate your advanced expertise in provisioning and reconciling user accounts through secure data configurations.

Promo Code: OSPro4Me
Test Prep Materials: OneSync Anthology Courses

Become a part of our exclusive ClassLink Professionals community! Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to stand out in your school and earn a three-year ClassLink Certification at no cost. Log in to ClassLink Academy from LaunchPad and register to take the exams today.


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