Give Students a Voice - Be An Author Month 2024

March 19, 2024
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March is synonymous with literacy - National Reading Month, Listening Awareness Month, and even National March into Literacy Month! Inspire students to embrace creativity, articulate thoughts, and harness the strength of their voices.

What Is Be An Author Month?

Be An Author Month encourages individuals to write and potentially start or complete an authoring project. The month-long focus embodies the spirit of encouraging creative expression and literature. One of ClassLink's vendor partners, Book Creator, is leading the way to help literacy come alive for learners everywhere during the Be An Author Month this March. Let's turn your learners (and maybe even yourselves) into published authors through reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities across all subjects.

Why Is ClassLink Supporting Be An Author Month?

Through Book Creator's integration with ClassLink, more students can amplify their creativity and bring their stories to life than ever before! Our mission is to ensure that all learners have equitable access to the digital resources they need, and Be An Author Month's goal of empowering students to use their voices uniquely supports our mission.

What's the 2024 Theme?

This year, Be An Author Month is about Finding, Refining, and Recording your VOICE to share your amazing stories. There are multiple ways of sharing your voice - write, draw, code, record a video or audio - you decide! It's all about being authentic.

How Can I Participate?

Head over to the Book Creator website to get started - you'll find:

  • Templates to help with reading and writing
  • An Activity Journal for something to do for every day in March
  • Inspirational webinars to motivate and inform you
  • A special collaborative project for the whole world to participate in!
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