Get Rollover Ready With Blackout Dates and Limited Imports

April 3, 2024
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To save time–and ensure students and teachers can still access what they need through ClassLink while you complete your school year rollover work in the background–we recommend you set up your Blackout Dates and Limited Imports in Roster Server. 

The good news is, you can set this up now—and we are here to help. With some prep work and help from your friends at ClassLink, your summer rollover will be smooth and stress-free.

💡 Good to Know

Limited Imports only allows additions to the data during the set date range and will not process data deletions or changes during that set date range. 

Blackout Dates pause your daily sync and allow ClassLink to retain all the current school data so vendors can still access the last imported data.

Step 1: Register for the April Administrator Meetup

Register today to join our April Administrator Meetup on April 17th at 1:00 pm ET. We'll walk you through setting up your Blackout Dates and Limited Imports in Roster Server.

Can't make the Meetup? Register anyway, and we'll share a recording of the session.

Step 2: Do A Little Helpful Homework

We recommend gathering answers to the following questions to get the most from the April Administrator Meetup. 

  • When is your last day of school? (Double-check your enrollment end date in the Roster Server.)
  • When is your SIS rollover?
  • Do you want students to retain access to their spring curricular resources during the summer?
  • Will teachers still need enrollment data weeks after the last day of school to finish grading?
  • What does summer school look like in your district?
  • Will summer school be rostered through ClassLink?

Step 3: Earn Extra Credit!

New to Blackout Dates and Limited Imports? Check out Step 1 of our Back-School Checklist to learn more about how these features work.

Call Your Engagement Rep!

Still have questions? Your Engagement Specialist knows this process inside and out and is standing by, ready to chat. Call today!

See you at the April Meetup!



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