Former CTO Shares Five Ways ClassLink Audit Center Helps Schools Achieve Goals Faster

December 4, 2023
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As leaders, we have big goals for our schools. We want to protect private data, ensure equitable access to learning, increase operational efficiencies, and loads more. But to achieve these goals, we need a clear and accurate picture of the current situation and a roadmap for improvement.

That's where audits and evaluations come in.

Examining current efforts is essential if we want to identify our strengths and weaknesses and find opportunities for improvement. They help you align your actions with your vision and ensure you are on the right track.

But audits and evaluations can be complex, time-consuming, and stressful.

It takes teams countless hours to collect and organize heaps of data and evidence and then generate reports, findings, and next steps. Even the most diligent teams struggle to keep all this information organized, accessible, and up-to-date.

In my work as a Senior Advisor for ClassLink, I've been invited to share my input into the development of the ClassLink Audit Center. I only wish this solution existed when I was a CTO because simplifying and streamlining the audit process would have saved us hundreds of hours and helped us get where we needed to be faster.

Here are the top five ways I see ClassLink Audit Center helping schools like yours.

1. Streamline the Audit Process

Using the Audit Center is straightforward. Choose from predefined audit templates (like the Cybersecurity Rubric for Education) or create your custom audit. Then, invite team members to join your audit. From there, everyone (even invited evaluators) can work in the same, organized space–no more complicated filing systems on your network that no one follows. Plus, you can quickly see the progress of your evaluation with clear progress bars, so you'll always know if you're on track to meet your deadline.

2. Collect and Save Evidence in One Secure Place

You don't have to worry about document security when all your evidence to support a self-assessment, evaluation or audit is in one secure platform. Only those invited to a specific audit can access evidence, documents, and notes. Even if your team changes, you can ensure only those authorized have access to your audit and evidence.

3. Make Working With an Outside Evaluator Easier

Sharing documents and evidence with an evaluator can get chaotic. Usually, there's a lot of time wasted going back and forth about missing pieces of information to support the evaluation. With Audit Center, everything is in one place, so teams and evaluators spend less time scrambling to find documents.

4. Save Time on Recurring Audits

When you finish an audit, everything is stored neatly in its proper place, criteria linked to supporting evidence, and your evaluator's report is right there. That means no more hunting down last year's files or folders. Teams can get straight to work.

5. Improve Faster Than You Expected

With a faster (more organized) process and your completed evaluation stored in Audit Center, it's easy for everyone to see what needs to happen next to improve and meet strategic planning and new initiative goals. 

Learn More About ClassLink Audit Center

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About the Authors

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