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April 30, 2024
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Support among women is increasingly crucial in today's landscape. While mentorship is a well-known concept, sponsorship offers a deeper level of backing in the workplace. This involves active advocacy, ensuring women receive proper recognition for their contributions, and leveraging one’s position to help others.

In this episode, Women Supporting Women (Episode 133), we joined with Dr. Colleen Carroll as she shares her top ten ways that women can support one another through both mentorship and sponsorship and the impact it can have on the trajectory of a career.

Here are the key ideas we took away from this episode:

  • Dr. Carroll emphasizes that mentorship need not adhere strictly to formal structures. It can be as simple as two individuals meeting for coffee before the workday to strategize for the week ahead. Additionally, mentorship can encompass peers at similar professional levels offering guidance and support to one another. Taking it a step further, sponsorship emerges as a powerful mechanism through which women actively advocate for one another, going beyond mere mentorship by championing the recognition and advancement of female colleagues.
  • Various factors can lead to communication challenges in the workplace, including cultural differences that may manifest in communication styles such as interrupting speakers. Dr. Carroll proposes a practical approach to amplify the voices of female colleagues: simply stating, “I’d like to hear from [colleague's name],” ensures that their contributions are acknowledged and valued.
  • Dr. Carroll recommends actively nominating female colleagues for awards, scholarships, and other forms of recognition. Not only does this practice bolster the self-esteem of the nominee, but it also facilitates the career progression of women.
  • She underscores the significance of seemingly small gestures, like an uplifting note, which can profoundly impact colleagues. Dr. Carroll recalls receiving such notes herself, which brightened her day and underscored the notion that anyone, irrespective of their position, can contribute to the well-being and professional growth of others.

The synergy between mentorship and sponsorship presents a potent force in unlocking opportunities previously out of reach for women. By harnessing their influence, women can actively advocate for their peers, amplifying their visibility and voices to access new realms of opportunity.

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