ClassLink Academy: March 2024

March 12, 2024
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We are thrilled to bring you the latest in ClassLink Academy with just a few updates to keep your school year running smoothly. We'll shine a spotlight on a Roster Server course to help your SIS. But that's not all – we want to hear from you! ClassLink Academy is getting a makeover, and we need your valuable insights to make that happen. Let's make education even more accessible and enjoyable together!

Get Prepped for Summer and Back to School

It's never too late to start getting ready for summer break and Back-to-School season, and ClassLink Academy has your back! Explore our course, 2.3 Thresholds & Daily Sync (RS SIS Connections), to become an expert on the ins and outs of blackout dates, limited imports, and more!

Change Your Point of View

Have you ever wished you could see what your students and staff see when they log into ClassLink? With Impersonations you can! Check out the new CMC Impersonations course to learn how to impersonate users, share those privileges with your team, and review audit logs. Get ready to take your troubleshooting to the next level!

Help Shape ClassLink Academy

We want to hear from you! The ClassLink Learning Design team is on an exciting quest to revamp ClassLink Academy, but we can't do it without you! Your unique insights are the key to unlocking the potential of our quizzes, certifications, badges, and beyond. Fill out this survey to be a vital part of our journey towards creating an even more dynamic and engaging learning experience! 

Your answers will be the compass guiding the team through the exhilarating redesign of ClassLink Academy!



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