Let's Get Social: Kick It Up a Notch

May 17, 2023
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You’ve set yourself up for success by being choosy about the best platform for your school or institution. You’ve cultivated gorgeous feeds by providing high-quality, goal-focused content while also staying engaged with your audience! Now it’s time to put the cherry on top—use all tools at your disposal to make sure your presence packs a punch!

The Age of Analytics

Gone are the days of sweeping your hands over your crystal ball, trying to foretell best posting times! 🔮 And one need not guess to figure out just who exactly their followers are! There are many tools at your disposal for every aspect of your social media needs.

All the top platforms offer detailed analytics (on business accounts) to help you understand the impact that your content is making.📈  Simple breakdowns include gender, nationality, and when your followers are the most active. Analytics also share video views, likes, shares, and comments. All this juicy information helps you post smarter, not harder!

Third Party Platforms

If you’re itching for even more numbers, third party sites let you view analytics from all your platforms in one place and they’ll give you even more information such as click throughs (meaning how many times people click your links and follow them through to your website) or even social listening capabilities that scour the interwebs for mentions of your school or institution and report back on the health of your pages.🌡️

Another tool in your belt is post-organizing software also offered by third party sites. Maybe you’ve already got your content ready. (Well done!👏) You can level up by having content posted automatically and across multiple platforms at once. Amazing!🤯

Great accounts aren’t born of magic! They’re crafted through strategy that’s based on data but, still, there’s no harm sprinkling a little fairy dust just for good measure.✨

💡 Bonus Tips

  • Only pay once you’ve perfected your social media!💰 But also keep in mind that it’s generally better to demonstrate value–to gain followers or generate leads–than it is to pay for exposure.
  • Continue your quest for knowledge!🧠 Things change quickly in the digital world. To stay on the cutting edge, take courses or even watch YouTube to stay up to date on the latest trends.

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