Let's Get Social: Kitchen Prep

April 19, 2023
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No matter your feelings about social media, one thing is certain: social media has become an essential part of our daily lives. Which is why it’s no surprise that many schools and education organizations have recognized the importance of social media in education!

Social media platforms offer a great opportunity for schools to communicate important news and updates with students, parents, and the larger community. However, using social media to effectively reach your desired audience requires a healthy online presence.

Consider your school website a snack. It gives a bite-sized taste of your organization. However, you’ll need to create a social media feast to keep your audience satiated in today’s digital landscape!😋

In this five-part series, we’re going to cook up some tasty ways to create palatable platforms, so put on your apron and let’s get started!

You’re excited about promoting your school and have a great story to tell! You’re ready to put every known social media network to work but remember, too many cooks can spoil the broth!👩🍳 Launching, curating and managing various platforms at once can lead to burnout and inefficiency. To begin, select up to three platforms that best fit your needs!

Let’s take a look at the functions of some popular social media networks to see how they can benefit your school.😀

Different Platforms and Their Functions

Ready to establish your online presence? Facebook is a great place to start! Create a page that tells the story of your school, builds community, and develops focused dialogues around relevant topics. Keep your audience updated about events, school news, and student or teacher accomplishments!

Want to get the word out and reach your audience? Instagram offers a robust picture of your school through all things visual! Get discovered via location tags, hashtags, and reposts. Post school bake sales, holidays and school closures, and parent involvement–to keep your followers informed.😎

Do you need to update your community often and quickly? Twitter is the go-to place for real-time updates. Use the text-focused platform to create threads and encourage ongoing discussions around topics of interest.💬 

Want to show the fun side of your institution? TikTok is a great platform to showcase some pizzazz! The short clip-based platform is the perfect place to go viral—but be sure to keep content authentic and light.

The digital marketing world is so vast, each platform could fill volumes! Make sure to do additional research so you can select the platforms that best fit your needs.

💡 Bonus Tips

  • Link all your social media accounts to one another! You can even include that website of yours. 😉

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