Let's Get Social: Set the Table

April 26, 2023
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You’ve started arranging your presence in the digital world by choosing the best networks to support your school—now, it’s time to set the table! You’ll want everything arranged just so in order to attract the following you crave.

Check out the tips below to discover what makes a quality social media presence.

The Basics

To create a welcoming space for your audience you must be thorough. Fill in your bio information with all the relevant facts wherever and whenever possible and never miss an opportunity to tell the story of your school, district, or organization! Be sure to include your location and contact information. A clever play on words will catch the viewer's eye and you can add even more pizzazz by adding links to your other online presences in this area (but be sure to verify that they work)!

The Look

When it comes to your feed, think like a follower. What is it that makes you click on a post? What entices you to watch a video? It usually has a lot to do with how things look!

All visuals must be clear and high quality and, thanks to smartphones, virtually anyone can capture crisp content with ease. Looking for even more ways to draw the eye? Utilize good lighting when creating content and keep things spicy with bright colors and graphics that pop!


Another aspect that’s appealing to the eye is a visual message that is instantly understood. When a potential follower feels compelled to follow a post to your page, it's because they want to see more of the same. They’re very likely to stay if your overall content is similar to what drew them in.

Only post content that is relevant to your message to make this virtual buffet easy on the eyes. As tempting as it may be to post your dog in its favorite sweater every morning, if your page was created to share updates for your school community, that’s not quite on theme. (Sorry, Peanut 🐶).


Faithful followers will be confused by inconsistency. Potential followers won’t be able to figure out what your message is and will keep scrolling.

Staying on brand lets followers know what to expect from your page and new people will be drawn in because they’ll be able to understand and connect with your message more easily.

Use Your Tools

Use all the features you have at your disposal–such as reels, videos, and stories–to really satisfy your audience. A nice looking feed will draw people in and they’ll linger. Your engagement, your tone, and the subject matter will make them pull up a seat at the table.

If they find enough content of value to them, they won’t be able to resist hitting that follow button!

💡 Bonus Tips

  • Determine what your voice is in your planning stages so you always know what to build around when you’re creating content!
  • Follow accounts you admire and use the aspects you like in your own content. (Of course, never copy and paste!)

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