Case Studies

ClassLink empowers over 4 million students worldwide with instant access to their digital learning resources. Browse the case studies below to find out why school districts, small and large, select ClassLink as their Single Sign-On solution. For additional resources, we invite you to watch videos, visit our blog, and learn from our thought leadership webinars.

Franklin Pierce Schools (WA)

“ClassLink streamlined access and gave teachers back valuable minutes of instructional time.”

– Liza Klumpar, Chief Technology Officer

Washingtonville Central School District (NY)

“ClassLink meets a huge need in education and takes the weight off all involved.”

– Joseph Catania, Director of Data and Technology

Independent School District (TX)

“We are now able to focus on education rather than managing products.”

– Kyle Berger, Chief Technology Officer

Leon County Schools (FL)

Paramount Unified School District (CA)

Charlotte County Public Schools (FL)

“I had no previous experience with OneRoster. Once you get a grasp of how it integrates with vendors, it’s a no-brainer. Why didn’t we do this 5 years ago!”

– Robert Scott, Senior Systems Analyst

Central Kitsap School District (WA)

“We walk into publisher meetings and ask if they support OneRoster® and work with ClassLink. If they say no, we explain that this is critical for our district and make sure the publisher is working toward compliance with OneRoster® standards.”

– Jennifer Cleven, Technology Integration Specialist

Boise Schools (ID)

“Every single day, our staff uses ClassLink to access school resources and administrative programs. It is just so effortless now.”

- David Roberts, Chief Information Officer

Clay County School District (FL)

“OneSync is a robust and effective directory management tool that standardizes for us what was previously handled by duplicated manual processes and scripting, which will save us hours of manual work and headaches.”

- Ethan Caren, Technology Services Coordinator

Orange Unified School District (CA)

“After reviewing all the options, I picked the most robust solution that offered the best chance of success. ClassLink provides so much value and is the most polished.”

- Tam Nguyen, Orange Unified School District

Frontier Central School District (NY)

“We are constantly adding to educators’ plates but never take anything away. ClassLink allows us to return meaningful instructional time to the classroom, benefiting our teachers, but more importantly, our students.”

- Dr. Richard J. Hughes, Frontier Central School District

ClassLink at the 2017 TCEA System Admin Conference

2017 ClassLink Adoption Throughout Texas

Andover Public Schools (MA)

“I use ClassLink every single day. The analytics has shown us that we have people using ClassLink on the weekends! For that, I am thrilled.”

- Joanne Najarian, Andover Public Schools

Lower Dauphin School District (PA)

“Whether our students and teachers are at home or on a cruise to Alaska, they can always get into their learning resources via our custom ClassLink application, MyLD.”

- Kevin White, Lower Dauphin Public Schools

Fairfield Public Schools (CT)

“It’s just been a metamorphosis for us as opposed to a big bang. And in the end, it has been an entirely transformative process. Teachers are just so thrilled.”

- Nancy Byrnes, Fairfield Public Schools

Lee County Schools (FL) – As seen on District Administration

“ClassLink is the front-line tool for access. The value that ClassLinks adds is a greater return on investment on all of your other products.”

- Rob Stratton, Lee County School District

Galena Park ISD (TX)

Duncanville ISD (TX)

Cedar Hill ISD (TX)

Joshua ISD (TX)

New Milford Public Schools (CT)

Farmingdale Public Schools (NY)

Orange County Public Schools (FL)

Newburgh Enlarged City School District (NY)

Clay County District Schools (FL)

OneRoster & IMS Global

School District of Pickens County (SC)

Jeff Davis School District (GA)

Brevard Public Schools (FL)

Broadalbin-Perth Central Schools (NY)

“ClassLink offers the desktop and single sign on options that we will need as we try to bring consistency and ease of use into the technology implementation process.”

- Marco Zumbolo, Broadalbin-Perth Central Schools


Casper College (WY)

“With ClassLink, we now have a single,
common, and modern interface for students,
staff, and faculty. The ClassLink team is
absolutely great to work with. It has been a
pleasure, and I don’t say that about many

- Kent Brooks, Casper College


Middleton-Cross Plains Area SD (WI)

“Everybody I’ve talked to at Middleton likes
how ClassLink is working for them. Thanks to
ClassLink, they can work faster and access their
files with ease.”

- Jim Blodgett, Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District

Olentangy Local School District (OH)

“We chose ClassLink to solve a capacity issue
with our previous SSO provider. They solved
our capacity issue and increased our offering to
students and staff. Our daily logins went up by
over 1000%”

- Robert Sexton, Olentangy Local Schools