Technology has changed how we instruct and learn.

Just a generation ago, computers on campuses were few in number and corralled into computer labs. Since then, the amount of classroom technology has grown exponentially. Today, institution classrooms and lecture halls use more devices and access more digital resources than ever before.

This change has the potential to transform education for the better; however, the increasing prevalence of technology in learning spaces also creates new challenges for institutions. A student must now memorize dozens of usernames and passwords to log into resources and applications. Their class files, once the domain of floppy disks has now spread across hard drives, network shares, and cloud storage.


Introducing ClassLink

ClassLink solves the problem of too many passwords and scattered files. It’s a one-click single sign-on solution that gives students and instructors access to everything they need from any device, anywhere, and with just one password.

Learn from anywhere

ClassLink makes all your apps and files available on any device with a web browser.

Single Sign-on

Institutions waste class time having everyone log in to what seems like an infinite number of web apps. With ClassLink, log in once and access all your apps on any device.

One Place for Files

Easily share files between cloud storage accounts such as Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox, and even remotely access files on the school network.

Low Cost, Low Maintenance.

Unlike most technology your administration will buy, ClassLink costs as low as a few dollars per user and takes little time to configure. Since ClassLink lives in the cloud, there are no servers to buy and few upfront costs. Best of all, setting up ClassLink for your institution is fast and easy.

What are educators saying about ClassLink?

"We developed a system using ClassLink to guide students through the orientation and password reset processes. With this implementation our call volume dropped dramatically."

− Chad D. Marley, Chief Technology Officer at Laramie Community College

"With ClassLink, we now have a single, common, and modern interface for students, staff, and faculty. The ClassLink team is absolutely great to work with. It has been a pleasure, and I don’t say that about many companies."
− Kent Brooks, Director of IT at Casper College

"Employees especially love the ability to work on their files from any device remotely without the need to connect through a VPN."

− Mark Anderson, Executive Director of IT Operations for Dunwoody College of Technology

"I didn't even need any sort of tutorial on how to use the actual platform: it just works."

− Brian Williams, Student at Casper College

See for yourself.

There’s a lot more to ClassLink that we haven’t covered. To get a full picture, you need to see it in action. That’s why we’re inviting you to demo our product online. Requesting a demo takes just a few seconds, so sign up now and see how institutions across the country are using ClassLink to make teaching and learning easier.

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