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Technology Director Rallies Behind ClassLink at Three New York School Districts


Joseph Catania is an experienced and passionate Director of Technology with a history of instructional experience in K12. Catania has personally witnessed the digital transformation during his time at three New York school districts; Newburgh Enlarged, Pelham Public Schools, and Washingtonville Central School District. With the digital change comes a common set of challenges related to access and security: teachers and students struggle to locate and login to their resources, IT staff struggle with an abundance of password reset inquiries, and the process to roster into applications is cumbersome to manage and time-consuming.

Choosing ClassLink. Again.

Catania was instrumental in getting ClassLink implemented at Newburgh Enlarged and Pelham. ClassLink’s ease of setup in combination with its high-level of support continues to motivate Catania to introduce the solution wherever he goes. Upon joining the team at Washingtonville CSD, Catania was pleased to find ClassLink already in use. In addition to one-click access to applications, ClassLink enables all users access to what they need from anywhere, including the ability to access network files and folders 24/7/365 via My Files. IT staff at Washingtonville CSD utilize ClassLink Roster Server to swiftly and securely deliver class rosters to publishers using the OneRoster® standard. The number of OneRoster® applications continues to expand as more publishers move to accept data standards, a much needed next-step for education.

The Outcome

Since implementing ClassLink in 2016, Washingtonville CSD user logins continue to grow revealing a 37% upsurge in fall 2018. The ability to easily organize their library of resources in a central location with one-click access means admins receive fewer tickets and password reset requests, teachers recover classroom time, and students spend more time learning. The district is now leveraging OneSync, ClassLink’s next-generation account provisioning tool announced in mid-2018. OneSync is up and running with ease and will allow Washingtonville CSD to replace several of their older, unwieldier software systems, saving them $12,000 per year.

“You have to consider a solution like ClassLink in today’s environment of shrinking budgets.”

Joseph Catania
Washingtonville CSD