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Security, Speed, Efficiency: How ClassLink Elevated Learning in South Heart Schools

South Heart Schools began as a small rural district. However, the student population's rapid growth presented opportunities and challenges for the district, especially in navigating the evolving landscape of educational technology.


South Heart Schools' IT team faced many challenges, particularly in managing the increasing demands of technology integration and student data management.

Students and teachers grappled with managing multiple usernames and passwords. IT Coordinator Kelsey Boedeker recalls that the district was "wasting a lot of educational time" trying to connect to online resources.

Boedeker recalls spending as many as four to five hours per day manually rostering accounts across various educational platforms and how she lacked visibility into app usage patterns. Additionally, ensuring the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) while rostering emerged as a growing concern for the district.


To address these challenges and elevate the educational experience for students and staff alike, South Heart Schools turned to ClassLink's suite of solutions.

With LaunchPad, students bid farewell to the hassle of managing multiple usernames and passwords. Boedeker mentions that ClassLink’s single sign-on solution provided quick access to educational resources so that people of all ages could access them on their own.

The implementation of Roster Server revolutionized the district's data management practices. Boedeker says that she can roster a program with Roster Server in five minutes. Meanwhile, DataGuard offered peace of mind to South Heart Schools by safeguarding students' PII through advanced encryption techniques during data exchanges with vendors. With Analytics+, the IT team gained valuable insights into student app usage via web browsers. Armed with this data, they could support strategies to meet students' diverse needs.


Boedeker says of using ClassLink's solutions, "Teachers and students are getting quality educational time back. It’s something that just makes things so convenient for everybody."

LaunchPad and Roster Server significantly reduced administrative burdens, freeing up valuable learning time for students and admin time for the IT team. Roster Server DataGuard bolstered the district's data security posture, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. At the same time, Analytics+ empowered the IT team to make data-driven decisions, leading to more effective resource allocation and improved support for student success.

"ClassLink was the answer for everything. ClassLink is the one-stop shop for all your digital needs."

Kelsey Boedeker
South Heart Schools