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Andover Public School District Returns Instructional Time to Classrooms

The Challenge

Andover Public Schools piloted Clever for nearly two years before searching for a new solution. They recognized that with a full digital overhaul, came the necessity to provide a faster, more secure way for their students and teachers to access learning resources. They also needed the flexibility to assign resources at an individual-level and provide file access from anywhere on any device. The district needed a sustainable solution that would  address all of these needs .

Choosing ClassLink

Andover Public Schools was impressed with ClassLink’s ease of use, both for end-users and admins.  Being able to quickly add/assign applications per user group was key. Andover appreciated the flexibility to give access to district individuals on sabbatical or maternity leave. The district valued ClassLink Roster Server, for its ability to quickly and securely deliver their class rosters using a common data standard. In addition to instant access to applications and a vast improvement to rostering, ClassLink enabled everyone in the district to access what they needed from anywhere, including the ability to access network files and folders 24/7/365 via MyFiles. The ability to seamlessly navigate between drives dramatically improved workflow for all users.

The Outcome

Since launching their ClassLink in August 2017, Andover has connected 84 applications. The ability to offer their library of resources in a central location with one-click access means admins have a reduced workload of password resets, teachers save time in the classroom, and students spend more time learning. At the same time, project leaders are able to verify that all user groups are leveraging ClassLink to access their resources and files throughout the day. As a result, teachers and students are pleased with how simple things have become, and administrators are confident that their resources are used as they intended.

“I use ClassLink every single day. The analytics has shown us that we have people using ClassLink on the weekends! For that, I am thrilled.”

Joanne Najarian