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Galena Park uses ClassLink to Manage an Influx of Digital Resources

The Challenge

The initiative to use more online resources throughout the Galena Park district created new questions and challenges for students, teachers, and administration: “How do we manage all of these resources? How do students log-in to all of these new programs? How and where do they find them all?”

Choosing ClassLink.

Galena Park chose ClassLink because of how effective the platform is for staff and students of any age.  The modern design is organized, easy to navigate, and allows even the youngest of students in the district to benefit. Teachers were wasting valuable class time logging in students who were constantly forgetting usernames and passwords.

The Outcome

Users now have SSO to all resources and files, saving valuable time in the classroom.

ClassLink Allows Quick and Easy Access to Apps and Files for Students and Teachers

All of Galena Park’s new, online resources are easily stored, organized, and accessed through ClassLink; One Click® and students and teachers have easy access to all of their apps and programs whether they are in the classroom or at home.

ClassLink Saves Valuable Class Time

Teachers love it because they aren’t wasting time helping students find or log-in to certain resources anymore.  Especially with younger students, teachers no longer need to spend 10-15 minutes at the start of every class making sure each student can access programs.

“Prior to ClassLink, our resources were all over the place. We had them on our district page, our technology page, curriculum page, campus page, or it may have been an icon saved on the computer. It resembled playing a hunting game any time you wanted to find a resource.”

Darlene Lovinggood
Galena Park ISD