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Brevard Easily Delivers Learning Content to Over 80,000 Users with ClassLink

The Challenge

Single Sign-On (SSO) and File Access

With the implementation of BYOD, Brevard Public Schools (BPS) faced challenges managing the increased use of varying devices, platforms, and curriculum resources.  Teachers spent too much time logging students into online curricula, assessments, and e-textbooks.  The district recognized the need to consistently deliver access to applications and files on any device.

Choosing ClassLink

BPS evaluated several single sign-on (SSO) providers. They chose ClassLink primarily due to the simplified management, end user experience, and easy access to existing network files.

The Outcome

Users now have SSO to all resources and files using ADFS/SAML.

Any Device, Anywhere Access

ClassLink is accessible on any device by staff and students at school and home.

Streamlined Reporting to Inform Decisions

With ClassLink reports, the district is now able to make informed decisions when renewing licenses.  They also identify applications that may be used more effectively with additional professional development.

“Brevard is thrilled to be able to provide this extraordinary solution to our students, teachers, and staff. We are confident that we have the right tool in place as we look ahead and plan for the increasing use of and access to digital resources. ClassLink provides real-time solutions for the classroom and makes it easier for users to get to the resources they need.”

Pamela Aulakh
Brevard Public Schools

Project Lead

Project Leads

Pamela Aulakh
Manager, Educational Technology


Education, K-12


Brevard Public Schools (BPS) in Brevard County, Florida, is the 50th largest school district in the country.  The District is comprised of approximately 70 schools; 72,000 students; 5,000 teachers; and 9,000 employees.


BPS implemented a BYOD initiative and needed a solution to deliver their digital resources and network files in Active Directory to their students and staff.


In 2013, ClassLink was extensively evaluated by BPS as single sign-on solution, delivering the district’s entire library of digital resources and files.  ClassLink is accessible by staff and students at school and home, on any device.

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Pamela Aulakh