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Williston Basin SD #7

North Dakota
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From Complexity to Clarity: How ClassLink Enhanced a North Dakota Combined Campus

Williston Basin SD #7, located in northeastern North Dakota, underwent a significant transformation by combining three schools into one comprehensive campus. This consolidation brought new challenges, particularly the labor-intensive task of manually creating and managing every student and staff account. Additionally, sharing data with third-party vendors posed significant security risks.


Before ClassLink, the district's IT team was overwhelmed with manual account creation and management. Sharing personally identifiable information (PII) with third-party vendors without robust security measures raised serious concerns, and students and teachers faced difficulties starting assignments due to complicated login processes. Lastly, the administration struggled to gain a clear understanding of how students were spending their time on educational activities.


Williston found the perfect solution in the ClassLink suite of products. LaunchPad removed the barriers to starting assignments by providing a single sign-on solution. Chief Technology Officer Matt Bartenhagen praises Roster Server’s DataGuard, saying it’s an extra level of protection that helps schools protect student PII from bad actors. Superintendent Dr. Richard Faidley celebrates Analytics+'s ability to offer detailed insights into how students spend their time on digital platforms. OneSync automated the provisioning of accounts, eliminating the need for manual creation and reducing the potential for errors.


Implementing ClassLink’s solutions brought significant improvements to Williston Basin SD #7. The district's IT team saved countless hours previously spent on manual account creation, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives. With DataGuard, the district could confidently share data with third-party vendors, knowing that PII was protected. Students and teachers could easily access digital tools, leading to a more productive learning environment. Analytics+ provided the administration with critical insights, helping them better understand student engagement and optimize educational strategies.

"...As an organization, ClassLink saved time and makes managing our workday much easier."

Dr. Richard Faidley
Williston Basin SD #7