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North Dakota Announces State-Wide Partnership With ClassLink

North Dakota State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler announced in June 2022 that school districts across the state can access ClassLink for the 22’-23’ school year at zero cost thanks to a state-wide partnership.

Baesler announced the state's collaboration with ClassLink at the opening of IgniteND, a three-day conference focused on computer science and cybersecurity instruction in North Dakota's K-12 schools. The state's ongoing project with ClassLink originated at the Department of Public Instruction and EduTech, a part of the state Information Technology Department.

ClassLink will make it easier, faster, and more secure for students and their families to use classroom technology.
Kirsten Baesler Headshot
Kirsten Baesler
North Dakota Supt. of Public Instruction
Zero Costs
For North Dakota School Districts on the Full ClassLink Experience

School systems worldwide use ClassLink to deliver on the promise of education technology. Simplify access, analytics, and identity management—all with one platform and using secure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Join 17 million students and staff in over 2,200 school systems and bridge the gap between technology and learning with ClassLink.

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What is this initiative?

On June 6, 2022, North Dakota State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler announced that school districts across the state can access ClassLink at zero cost this Fall. Read all about the announcement and state-wide partnership here.


Why is the state funding this initiative?

  • The state is always looking to help all districts be successful. We found that some districts were successful with easy SSO access to resources, usage data analytics, secure rostering, and the advanced use of MFA, all through ClassLink.
  • We want to help districts that do not have these advanced technologies so we can ensure technical equity for students and teachers across the state.
  • We evaluated an existing technology with notable successes in ND, positive customer service, all the technical functionality needed and more.
  • We negotiated a more favorable volume price with the vendor so we can bring this technology to all ND districts that choose to participate.

What do schools receive through this initiative?

Full ClassLink suite (

  • LaunchPad: End the painful student login process. Save time and cut confusion with single sign-on to a library of 6,000+ connectors.
  • Roster Server: Deliver class rosters to all of your digital learning resources instantly and securely using open data standards.
  • OneSync: Reduce the time it takes to create and manage student and staff accounts with secure, automated account provisioning. Provision accounts for Google, Office365 and Active Directory.
  • Analytics: Make informed purchasing and training decisions with access to usage data for all of the digital resources used through ClassLink.
  • Analytics+: Expand your understanding of digital engagement with usage analytics for all the digital resources used on school-owned devices, even those accessed outside of ClassLink.
  • MFA: Strengthen cybersecurity by implementing multi-factor authentication. ClassLink supports MFA for users based on their ClassLink profile. Choose from several second-factor options.
  • Public Portal: Establish transparency and build trust with a public-facing inventory of digital resources used in your district. Community members can see privacy settings, intended use, and the types of student data shared for each specific resource.
  • Parent Portal: Make managing school life easier for parents and guardians with a consistent place to access grades, lunch accounts, library assets, newsletters, and other supports.

Support Services

  • Implementation: A dedicated project manager is assigned and responsible for creating an individualized project plan with the district. The team will meet regularly and support every implementation step using our interactive project management software.
  • Engagement: Once ClassLink is live, our Engagement Director will be the single point of contact for the district. You will be personally informed of new and upcoming product features, able to join our ClassLink community of thousands of districts, and participate in user groups.
  • 24/7 Service Center support. Our service center has people ready to take your calls and emails at anytime. Product teams ensure the highest level of expertise needed is available and accessible.
  • Unlimited training resources for the life of the partnership: webinars, ClassLink Academy courses, live customized training, support for personnel changes, etc.

What districts are already using ClassLink in North Dakota?

  • Jamestown Public SD 1
  • Williston SD 1
  • Dickinson Public SD 1
  • New England SD 9

What does this mean for school districts interested in using ClassLink?

We’re looking for a handful of districts and an REA to be a part of the Phase 1 - Pilot.

  • We will select a handful of districts to participate in Phase 1/Pilot. These districts will be used as a feasibility study to ensure all details are tried and known before wider implementation. The expected commitment is 25 hours spread over July/August of 2022 and a Go Live for the start of school this Aug'22.

Complete the North Dakota – ClassLink Initiative Survey to select Phase preferences (option 1 and option 2)

Phase Install GoLive
1/Pilot Summer '22 Aug '22
2 Fall '22 Jan '23
3 Spring '22 Aug '23
4 Fall '23 Jan '24
5 Spring '24 Aug '24

What is the expected timeline for this project?

Beginning Jun’22 and ongoing

  • Communication and education on ClassLink
  • Group and personal demonstrations
Phase 1/Pilot 2 3 4 5
Install Summer '22 Fall '22 Spring '22 Fall '23 Spring '24
GoLive Aug '22 Jan '23 Aug '23 Jan '24 Aug '24
Phase Install GoLive
1/Pilot Summer '22 Aug '22
2 Fall '22 Jan '23
3 Spring '22 Aug '23
4 Fall '23 Jan '24
5 Spring '24 Aug '24

How much time and effort will it take to implement?

Typical LaunchPad/Roster Server implementations take ~25 hours to complete over 8 weeks.


Are school districts required to implement ClassLink?

No, school districts will have the opportunity but not the requirement to implement ClassLink.


Do I have to change everything I’m currently doing with single sign-on and rostering?

  • No, ClassLink’s LaunchPad is designed to bring all your resources into one place, no matter how you sign in to or roster the resource.
  • Applications inside of ClassLink could be single sign-on native to LaunchPad, Sign in with Google, Clever, Office365, Canvas or vendor-issued username/password, etc.

Interested in Using ClassLink?

We're excited to partner with you! We'll be working closely with the ND Department of Public Instruction to select our first pilot schools. Please complete a short survey on the link below, expressing your intention to start using ClassLink.

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Hear From Ed Leaders in North Dakota

"ClassLink will make it easier, faster, and more secure for students and their families to use classroom technology. This means less stress and wasted time in the classroom, and at home, for students, teachers, and parents."
Kirsten Baesler Headshot
Kirsten Baesler
North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction
"ClassLink has been crucial for WPSD1 in our pivot to distance learning. Hands down one of the best IT investments we’ve made!"
Leon Walter Headshot
Leon Walter
Chief Technology Officer at Williston School District
“What excites me most about this initiative [partnering with ClassLink] is how it will deliver substantial benefits to every role in education. The learner, their family, the teacher, the technology coordinator, the curriculum partner, the school administration, and the community.”
John Gieser Headshot
John Gieser
North Dakota K12 IT Strategy
"This is a one-stop-shop for all of the bookmarks a student needs. Before we started using the ClassLink suite, managing and resetting students’ various user IDs and passwords was a frequent nuisance for everyone"
Courtney Voorheis Headshot
Courtney Voorheis
Director of Data Security at Williston School District