Single Sign-On

ClassLink gives you one-click sign on to all your apps and resources from any device.

My Apps gives you one-click sign on

Every year, schools waste thousands of hours of class time having everyone log in to what seems like an infinite number of websites. But with ClassLink, one password gives students and teachers access to everything they need, on any device.

Your Apps on Every Device

Your students and teachers can access their web and Windows apps on any device, no matter if it’s owned by the school, or a personal device from home.

Single Sign-on into Anything

Choose from thousands of single sign-on apps in ClassLink, or have us add custom apps free of charge. View all our Single Sign-Ons

No New Login Required

Sign in to ClassLink with your school network login, or use an existing account from Google, Microsoft 365, Facebook, or Twitter.

Your Favorite Apps

…and thousands more.

Run Windows Apps in your Browser

Web apps are just the beginning. With ClassLink, you can even run Windows desktop applications right in your browser, with no software to install.

No Clients

ClassLink requires no plugins or proprietary clients to run remote Windows apps. A browser is all you need!

Windows, Anywhere

Run Windows apps on iPads, Chromebooks, and smartphones.

Introduction to One Click Sign On

Try it Today

Learn more about single sign-ons and other ClassLink features with a brief online demonstration, scheduled at your convenience. It takes just a few seconds to request a demonstration, so request yours now.