ClassLink OneSync automatically imports your student information system (SIS) and human resources user lists into Microsoft Active Directory, Google Directory, and Office365.

Quickly Create & Synchronize

OneSync takes lists from multiple sources such as your student information system, human resources system, or any other database and automatically creates login accounts in Microsoft Active Directory, Google Directory and Office365’s Azure Directory.

OneSync Example

Capability Expands With Roster Server

Combined with ClassLink Roster Server, which is certified for the OneRoster® data standard, you can provision into Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. OneSync is secure, super fast, and incredibly easy to use.

OneSync + Roster Server Example

Reconcile Accounts in Real-Time

OneSync also does something almost no other product does; it can bring back a list of users from Microsoft or Google and compare them to the student information system or human resources systems.

With this, OneSync can automatically identify all the login accounts for students no longer enrolled or staff that have long since left the institution.

OneSync User Accounts

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