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Implementing Technology in Every Classroom

The Challenge

Consistent anytime, anywhere access to digital learning

Over Five Years Ago, Newburgh Enlarged City School District implemented ClassLink’s Single Sign-On platform to help increase technology use and improve access to digital learning resources. With just one password and username to remember, students now find and access resources quickly, and teachers maximize learning and decrease distractions in their classrooms. (Watch that story here)

Senior Network Manager, Jeremy Wood, says since their original implementation, the district continues to expand how they use ClassLink’s features to help them solve or even avoid common technology challenges.

And the benefits are notable, including:

  • less time and frustration rostering new resources (especially helpful during the back-to-school season)
  • easier access to technology for kindergarten students (and teachers) using Quick Cards for quick sign-on
  • anytime, anywhere learning with consistent SSO access at school and at home for the district’s new 1:1 Chromebook program 
  • usage analytics to support data-based decision making around technology purchases and subscription renewals

Choosing ClassLink

Quick, easy rostering

Wood says easier rostering, in particular, is a critical benefit to expanding how they use ClassLink. With Roster Server, which is included in the ClassLink platform (and uses the OneRoster Technology standard), IT staff can deliver class rosters to applications in record time (and with far less frustration). Wood says that gives the IT team more time to focus on new non-rostered technology initiatives.

The Outcome

Learning begins on day one

In past IT roles with other districts, Wood says rostering new applications could take up to a week. “But with Roster Sever, I can roster an application in less than an hour and have it ready to sync with the vendor by the next day,” he explains. “So within a day, we’re ready for students to use a digital resource.” 

Applications are up and running on the first day of school, so students can start learning immediately.

And now, when the district seeks out new applications, they look for tools that use the OneRoster standard because it means faster access to valuable learning resources for teachers and students.

“ClassLink ensures students have operational technology from day one. We aren’t worried about students finding and logging on to applications or if new applications will create a rostering nightmare. With ClassLink, we can focus on the important things.”

Jeremy Wood
Newburgh Enlarged City School District