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Newburgh Enlarged City Schools
New York
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Implementing Technology in Every Classroom

The Challenge

Getting teachers to become comfortable enough to regularly use technology within the classroom and allow learning to become more interactive is no easy task. NECSD needed to find an easy way to allow students and teachers to access digital resources for learning and teaching.

To accomplish this, the district needed a user-friendly approach that would promote technology without hindering the curriculum.

Choosing ClassLink

Classes within the district are set up center-based, allowing students to rotate from center to center. ClassLink’s one-stop-shop approach to digital resources was not only a early hit among teachers, since now they were no longer interrupted for passwords when changing rooms, but also excited students since they now had a tool that gives them ‘One-Click’ access to all their resources and files from any device.

Since there is no infrastructure needed, the district was able to easily adopt ClassLink and put it to use immediately. ClassLink was able to become instantly useful across all departments within the district including students, teachers, and administrators.

The Outcome

Actual usage of digital resources increased as teachers and students are now comfortable using the resources that they are offered. Students can now collaborate much easier and are now much more engaged since they have no frustrations accessing learning resources.

Thanks to the success of ClassLink, teachers can maximize learning and minimize distractions.

“Nobody had a clear grasp on usernames and passwords. Getting that under control, through single sign-on based on IMS standards, was huge for us.”
Joseph Catania
Newburgh Enlarged City Schools


Joseph Catania
Director of Data and Technology


Education, K-12


The Newburgh Enlarged City School District is a public school district with enrollment of more than 12,000 students in 13 schools.


NECSD needed a way to deliver all their digital resources in the classroom while providing teachers a tool to enhance their classrooms and keep students engaged.


The district chose ClassLink to deliver their digital resources and promote collaboration among students while limiting distractions in the classroom. ClassLink offers single sign-on access to apps and files, and runs on any device.

Joseph Catania