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New York
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Making the move from Print to Digital Resources with BYOD

The Challenge

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative that Farmingdale School District introduced promoted the use of multiple devices, including iPads, iPhones, Samsung tablets, and Chromebooks. The district needed to find a way for teachers and students to access all their digital resources seamlessly through any device they were now introducing to the classroom.

To accomplish this, the district needed an easy approach that would support various devices, while providing access to all digital resources when and where they were needed.

Choosing ClassLink

ClassLink’s one-stop-shop approach to digital resources was identified as a solution to support the district’s BYOD initiative. The goal was to find a tool that gave students and teachers instant access to digital resources. ClassLink did just that by supporting all platforms of devices and promoting the use of various digital resources seamlessly. Since ClassLink is web-based, the district was able to adopt ClassLink easily and put it to use immediately.

The Outcome

Students can now collaborate much easier and are now much more engaged and comfortable since they can use any device to access the same digital resources quickly and easily. The success of ClassLink is directly reflected through the increase in student’s grades and test scores. This lasting impact will continue to promote student’s engagement in any additional resources as the ed-tech landscape continues to evolve.

“Kids are rising to the occasion to really complete some meaningful projects and assignments.”

Bill Brennan
Farmingdale High School

Project Lead

Project Leads

Bill Brennan
Executive Director of Innovation and Communication


Education, K-12


Farmingdale Public Schools is a school district that has an enrollment of more than 5,000 students in 6 schools.


Farmingdale’s BYOD initiative promoted the use of multiple devices including iPads, Chromebooks, and Samsung tablets. The district needed a way to create a one-stop shop for all digital resources that would be delivered across all the devices that were being introduced into the district.


The district chose ClassLink to easily connect teachers and students to all digital resources from any device. ClassLink offers single sign-on access to apps and files, and runs on any device.

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Bill Brennan