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Lower Dauphin School District Returns Instructional Time to Classrooms

The Challenge

Lower Dauphin SD recognized that their teachers and students were losing precious instructional time due to a lack of organization and the need for a faster, more secure way to access learning resources was never more apparent. Inefficient password security at all grade levels,  coupled with disparate points of access, caused security concerns for administrators and frustration for teachers; the district needed a solution that would sustainably address both issues.

Choosing ClassLink

Lower Dauphin SD chose ClassLink after reviewing a range of options – none of which offered anything comparable to the ClassLink library of 6,000+ single sign-on connectors. Ease of use and functionality were vital in the selection process; admins would be able to add/assign applications per user group, and personalize the dashboard for each user. Often overlooked, Lower Dauphin appreciated the password recovery feature as it eliminated the challenges of verifying identification before a password is given out.

The Outcome

Lower Dauphin SD launched their version of ClassLink, called MyLD, in order to overcome fundamental barriers to digital learning access. The ability to offer resources in a central location with One Click access means teachers not only save time in the classroom, but students are able to spend more time learning, and less time logging in. Since implementing ClassLink in mid-2016, all user groups are actively using it to access their resources and files throughout each and every day. As a result, teachers and students are happy with how easy things have become, and administrators are confident that their resources are not only easy to use, but safeguarded every step of the way.

“Whether our students and teachers are at home or on a cruise to Alaska, they can always get into their learning resources via our custom ClassLink application, MyLD.”

Kevin White
Lower Dauphin School District