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MSD of Wayne Township and MSD of Steuben County

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How Two Indiana Districts Transformed their Digital Infrastructure with ClassLink

The Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Wayne Township and MSD of Steuben County, both in Indiana, faced common challenges connecting students to their online resources. They also needed app usage insights and a streamlined process for creating and provisioning accounts. Seeking solutions to streamline their digital infrastructure, they turned to ClassLink.


Students and educators were burdened with managing numerous usernames and passwords across various platforms. CTO of MSD Wayne Township, Anthony Harvey, explained, "We were having difficulty with student access to learning materials because all the major applications [had] their own usernames and passwords."

Keeping user data up-to-date in LaunchPad, ClassLink's portal, also posed a challenge for both districts, leading to inefficiencies and security concerns. Additionally, neither district could make informed purchasing decisions without critical data.


ClassLink's SSO solution eliminated the hassle of multiple logins, providing students and educators seamless access to all their digital resources. By leveraging ClassLink's Analytics and Analytics+ features, both districts gained valuable insights into app usage patterns, allowing them to optimize resource allocation.

OneSync automated the provisioning of user accounts, reducing administrative overhead for IT staff. "OneSync allows us to provision all our users, both new and existing…and ensures that those people have all the rights and access they need," says Harvey.

Roster Server facilitated the seamless synchronization of student data, ensuring user information remained accurate and up-to-date. MSD of Steuben's Director of Technology Chantell Manahan praises Roster Server, saying, "It's getting constantly refreshed and updated data. You can also pick and choose which data sets are sent, so ClassLink gives us that peace of mind on a security side."


With ClassLink's SSO solution, students and educators in both districts experienced a more streamlined and efficient learning experience. Manahan says of the student experience, "With the ClassLink LaunchPad, students put in your username and password once, and you have access to every tool assigned to you."

The insights provided by ClassLink's Analytics and Analytics Plus features enabled both districts to make data-driven decisions, "Looking at those numbers helps us understand if we're making the right decisions for the funds that we have available and if not what changes do we need to make," says Manahan. Lastly, automation provided by OneSync and Roster Server reduced administrative overhead while ensuring data accuracy and security.

"It's just made life a lot easier because it's a solution that just works."

Dr. Chantell Manahan, CETL
MSD of Steuben County